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    How is everyone doing?
    maragayle posted:
    Life has been hectic since the miscarriage, and I haven't been doing well keeping in touch. I started a new job two months ago, DH and I put our house up for sale and have been searching for a new, bigger home and we're still steadily plodding away at the adoption. The new estimate isn't until May! Ugh. It was supposed to all be over by the end of February.

    I'm still on birth control at this point. With the new job, I wouldn't get paid maternity leave until I've been there for a year. So, DH and I will wait at least until April, if not May, before trying the Femara again. I want to make sure I'm covered if we got pregnant right away and ended up with a premie. That would be my luck. So, in the meantime, we have lots to keep us busy.

    How is everyone else doing?
    Me 23, DH 25, TTC 2 years,BFP 10/4, MC 10/8, waiting to try again
    mrs62610 responded:
    Ignore my question on the other thread. I hadn't seen this post yet. Sorry to hear things have been crazy! I'll be watching for updates!
    Me-25 DH-38 TTC 1st for 21 months. 3 rounds of Clomid-BFN's. 5 rounds of Femara, 3 IUI's - BFN's. Moved on to IVF. Egg Retrieval on 1/25 and 1 Embryo Transferred on 1/28! Beta 2/11/13 193!!!!!
    att76 responded:
    Sorry to hear things have been crazy for you, but sometimes that is what you need to not think about other things! So are you looking for a house in the same town as the one you are in now or in a different one?

    Things with me have been crazy too, but not quite like your crazy. I have been finishing my masters and will be done in December YAY!! DH and I will start the IVF process in April, doing the BC and everything else. We thought about March, but there are too many things going on in April to be able to get away for the many doctor appointments we would have. I'll let you know for sure when we get that ball rolling!

    Good Luck with everything!
    Me(36), DH(37), TTC 2 years,taking a break over the holidays, will start up again in 2013
    Leah25Brooke2 responded:
    I was wondering how you are doing! Sorry it's been so hectic, but like ATT said, sometimes its nice for the distraction. I had way too much time on my hands when TTC. lol. Good luck with finalizing the adoption and then again when you get back to TTC!
    Me(26)DH(29)DD(3.5) TTC 2nd- 16 mos, 1st round of clomid 50mg - BFN, 2nd - MC, 3rd- BFN. Tried naturally 6mos, 4th round 100mg Clomid - BFN, 5th round Clomid 100mg - BFN. Natural BFP 11/27
    maragayle replied to att76's response:
    We're looking in the same area and actually have a contract on a house contingent on the sale of our current home. Now we just have to wait for it to sell. Hopefully quickly!!!

    I'm nervous and excited for you to start IVF! It's coming so soon!
    Me 23, DH 25, TTC 2 years,BFP 10/4, MC 10/8, waiting to try again
    att76 replied to maragayle's response:
    Well good luck! HOpefully you sell your house soon!!

    I still need to confirm with the husband but I am 98% sure we will start the IVF in April. I am nervous, excited, and cautious about what may or may not happen! Fingers crossed!
    Me(36), DH(37), TTC 2 years,taking a break over the holidays, will start up again in 2013

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