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Clomid Working?
slp10 posted:
Hi everyone - I'm new to this community and I've never posted before. I have a question about using Clomid. I started my first round in February (50), got the smiley face on the OPK, and my blood work said I ovulated. However, in March I never got a positive on my OPK. Does that mean I didn't ovulate at all? Will I need to increase my dosage? My Dr. didn't do any blood work this round since the meds worked the first time. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks.
TerriAmanda responded:
Hi slp;

I tried for years to get a positive reading on the OPKs. I actually just got my first one this month! It really depends on the timing, how much you have had to drink, how frequently you have used the washroom that day. For this one, I tested around 2:00pm, didn't have anything to drink AT ALL from about 10:00am. It was hard, but I was convinced this led me to my positive reading.

Did you take the OPK around the same time of day as last month?

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