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Q about metformin and how long does it take to get periods after last pill of provera
ntgps posted:

I was on 1000mg of Metformin and I was regularly going for blood tests to check whether I ovulated or not ....and found that i was ovulating between cd 25 to cd 30 and hence used to get my periods late last month my dr increased my met dosage to 1500mg and told me since the dosage got increased i would get periods on time but now this month i didn't get my periods and blood test say that i did not ovulate at all(today is cd45)so now he prescribed provera 10 mg for 5 days to get my periods....

My question is does the increase in dosage of metformin effect my ovulation?like before at least i used to get delayed periods now they have stopped altogether .......l am very concerned about that.Also how long does it take to start periods after taking provera 10 mg for 5 days...
maragayle responded:
Metformin can help ovulation, but Metformin isn't a medication that is meant for that purpose, so it may or may not result in ovulation. Many people use it in conjunction with Clomid or Femara. My OBGYN told me it takes roughly 3 months of consistent use before you start seeing the full results of taking Met. Metformin alone, for me at least, isn't enough to regulate my periods or ovulation. Hope that helps.
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ntgps replied to maragayle's response:
Hello ,
Thanks for the reply....yes my Dr prescribed Clomid this i will be taking Clomid along with Metformin this month.
But i found little difference in taking clomid this month ie, in past i took clomid from cd3-cd7 but in this cycle my Dr want me to take from CD4-CD8(may be she suggested depending on my blood work i am not sure)

After i spoke to her i felt really bad because when she told me "take clomid from tomorrow" i thought may be she is thinking that today is CD2 so i told her today is CD3 and you want me to take clomid on cd4?i asked this twice(as i was concerned) but i think she took it wrong way she just answered me that you need to believe Dr because they have Degree(in harsh tone)....though i know there is nothing wrong to clarify my doubt still i felt bad because i didn't mean that way but still she took it that way.....also this is the second time she felt that way .....

Sorry my reply is too long just felt i need to share this with some one who can understand ..... because every one here know how hard is this infertility journey and we have so many concerns regarding our cycle and medicines and it is only on Drs we all trust and depend on and we expect them to really understand our concerns.........

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