Tryin41 posted:
Loving this chat forum....well here is my question...I have a regular 28 day period) I am 38 I have not biologically had any children of my own. My doctor sent me for my HSG test (which turned out good- I only have one fallopian tube but everything was clear) my husband had a SA semen analysis (everything was Perfect) I started my first round of Clomiphene on March 15th (days 3-7 50MG) I gave myself the shot on the 27th..(after my doctors appt finding out there were 4 follicles all above 18) with No Luck yet. 2 negative tests and last month on day 26 I had an unusual light period...very LIGHT very miscolored brownish then day 4 lil pink. So I did NOT take the 2nd round of clomiphene pills. Now I on the 3rd month and day 26 when I should be starting my period it is Again very very light I'm already on day 4 of my period and I'm only seeing spotting when I use the bathroom. IS THIS NORMAL...??? I have my Clomiphene pills still from last month but I have since relocated due to a family emergency.... I dont know if I should take the pills or wait Again till next month an see if I get a Normal period. So to sum it up did my first round of Clomiphene in March....spotting for 6 days in April....and now spotting again in May.... Is This Normal & do I take the pills anyways..even though I have Not had a Normal period. Thank you so much for any suggestions.....!!!!

Tryin41 responded:
I forgot to mention I also had the IUI done after the shot...