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Can I still conceive while on Clomid with+opk and mid cylcle bleeding
Faithneverfailsme posted:
Hello everyone,

First, I send blessings of peace to all of us who are ttc -with faith in HIM up above I know all things are possible-+

I am currently on my first round of clomid 100mg cd 3-7--and currently on day cd14---I got a + opk today (cycles are 28d for me so I am on target) I do ovulate on my own-TG, my doctor placed me on tx due to endo/ fibroid(outside of uterus) -discovered while removing cyst via lap in 2011, but since I started clomid i have exp. ib --mid cycle. Has s had anything similar? Can I still possibly conceive? My doc says it could b do to progest. levels or cervix lining---I'm can not help but to be concerned--ib began on cd10 as dark color and turned bright red today after taking opk i passed what seemed like cm w/ blood---please advise, and excuse me for tmi details:}...thank you , my praye-rs are with all of you

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TTC for 2 years, 39, married, 14 year old son-so I know it all works! Round 3 of clomid.

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