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adb89 posted:
Hello I am new to this board. I jus finally found out I have PCOS. Me an my husband have been ttc for 4 years an nothing has happened I finally found a doc that would help rather then pass me on to the next doc with no explanation. We are both 24 an both generally healthy. My doc put me on progestrone pills for 14 days to force a period and then clomid on cd5 for 5 days. So my question to u ladys is, I am now on day 6 with my progestrone pills I started spotting wednesday an then again on thursday and then yesterday it was more an threw rhe morning so I called the doc he wasn't concerned only cause it was spotting but today it has gone full force an I am now using tampons for it. So can I stop the progestrone early and start my clomid in 4 days? Or do I have to finish the progestrone even tho I am now on a period?
DICKERSON35 responded:
hi TTC
i just went thru that last cycle dr. told me to confirm i was not preg. and then stop progestrone and let your period come.
i orignally took progestrone low dose so my period just came normal in september i was on 100mg supository and dr thought i ws gonna have to stop taking if not preg to get a period but this time my luteal phase hit 15 days and i started least the good news my luteal phase is getting normal orignally it was 12-13 days long.
adb89 replied to DICKERSON35's response:
I am on 100mg oral pills. I'm jus super confused cuz the bleeding picked up last night an now it seems to be gone again but for how long. I don't want this to be my period and I jus keep taking yhe progestrone pills an not starting my clomid on cd5 an miss that window this time.
DICKERSON35 replied to adb89's response:
understand the confusion i know since i started progestrone aug period was 24hrs long and sept. was 48hrs long..but both i was told take hpt and if neg to stop... im currently in what clear blue opk test reads in the PEAK time so soon i will be back on progestrone for doc has me taking it as soon as ovulation is confirmed......
adb89 replied to DICKERSON35's response:
I'm taking the progestrone to force a period.
victoriaisttcfirstbaby responded:
hi there,

i been trying for 3 years and no luck no period nothing. i been put on provera which is a prostregone to induce period but it didnt work for me . i am starting 100 mg clomid jan 9th. good luck and ask for provera

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