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Keeping my head up.
andimarieh posted:
So thankful I finally found a current place to talk... Me and my fiancé have been ttc for almost two years now. We had an appointment with the Doc about two weeks ago. She gave me a prescription for clomid 50mg to be taken days 3-7. I do ovulate on my own according to home ovulation test which I guess is a plus. I'm currently waiting for AF to arrive so I can start the clomid... Not gunna lie I'm pretty scared that it isn't going to work and she only wants me to try it for 2 cycles and if no BFP then she's sending me to a fertility specialist. Those words scare the heck out of me!! Not to mention that she said they wouldn't even look into him since he has a 6 year old son from a previous relationship ( felt like she was pointing the finger a bit ) Just need some good stories to keep me thinking positive since all I seem to be doing is putting myself down. Thanks in advance for any and all replies ??
jhjan2 responded:
First off wanted to wish you lots of luck on your upcoming cycle and wishing you the very best! Now for some positive stories. I conceived my DS on my first round of Clomid almost 7 years ago after 6 painful miscarriages. No complications what so ever during the pregnancy, my body also knew what it was doing after that and I got pregnant on my own with my DD when my DS was only 4 months. Their 7 & 6 and my body has forgotten what its suppose to do to carry a baby full term. So I did one round of Clomid in September and it didn't work because we started the medication on the wrong dates. I started my 2nd round In October and we have once again been blessed I'll be 7 weeks next Saturday. My best advice is to stay relaxed, follow all they tell you do to. And whatever you do remain hopeful it will happen for you if you just believe!

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