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Negative OPK Tests on Clomid
charreg17 posted:
I have used ovulation tests for a year and a half now and I have always seen a positive LH Surge. I am on my 3rd round of clomid and the last 2 rounds I did not get a positive lh surge. I had fertile cm on Thanksgiving and felt pains on black Friday. I'm curious if the clomid could make me who ovulates without clomid not ovulate on the clomid.

January 2014 will be 2 years of TTC one missed miscarriage ending up in the ER a month after we found out there was no heartbeat and a D and C the next day (Sept 2012) Then I had 3 positive pregnancy tests in May 2013 and then 3 days later I started bleeding (self diagnosed chemical pregnancy) I then went through all the blood tests for me and my husband and everything came back perfect, went for the HSG test and everything came back perfect too. Next on the list is to get a semen analysis. Even though we have gotten pregnant twice together now I wonder if there could be something wrong with his sperm. Can't wait to get pregnant and not miscarry hoping for my Christmas wish

I'm 31 and DH is 31 too!!

Ready to make babies.... If your story is like mine please share it with me... It's nice to conversate with other women having the same problems especially when it seems like every gets pregnant and has babies around you with no issues.
indiajstyles responded:
Hi I really enjoyed reading your story and I hope you finally get your second blessing.
I myself have been trying for a while my husband and I have
two boys ages 7 and 9 we want a baby girl badly, but I was on BC for 6 years . Even though Im no longer taking them my period is regular but I still wasnt ovulation.
This is my second cycle on clomid. The first month I was so eager that i took the medication wrong. This time I took them correct and I feel like its working but I have yet to have a positive ovulation test...its crazy and I feel like everyone else around me can get pregnant easy and for me its just complicated. I pray every night and make love to my husband as much as possible and just hope and pray that I dont get my period this month. Stay strong stay hang in there and I beleive we will both get our bundle soon enough. hope my story helped a little.
charreg17 replied to indiajstyles's response:
Thanks, did you have a hard time getting pregnant with your boys? My best friend tried for a girl and is now pregnant with boy #3. Of course she gets off bc in April of 2013 and gets pregnant in May of 2013. Its hard to understand why some couples have it so easy. All my life I have dreamed of having babies I never thought this would be my battle in life . Good luck in having your baby girl. Also how did you take the clomid wrong? Have you noticed any symptoms? I notice my boobs get super sore every month. I saw my doctor after my 2nd round of clomid and I had developed a cysts on my left ovary. It had to be from the clomid because there were none when I started taking clomid. I was pretty bummed about that but my doctor said that I could do another round of clomid and he wanted to see me in a month. I hope the cysts is not bigger when I go back. I notice a lot of pain in my ovaries on Black Friday, I have heard that clomid can enhance what you feel. Now its the waiting game!!

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