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why us?
genevieve102 posted:
So this is my first time on clomid. Lastnight I was the last night for my last pill for the month. Im feeling very moody, depressed, I sleep way to much, I don't feel like eating that much anymore. I feel super stressed out, even only being 21, that I have been diagnosed with endometriosis. I get a strong feeling of jealousy from most of my friends around me, that get pregnant and don't want or aren't expecting it. Some of them are on their second child. Im very happy for them but I just hope that my time... our time (everyone struggling to have a baby) is soon.
sgoodtang responded:
This is completely normal. Its a boost in your hormones that is taking its toll. I had taken clomid for 6 cycles and my hormones were going bezurk. It was like PMS overload. Just know that its the pills and not you. We did get pregnant on the 3rd cycle but it was an ectopic pregnancy, but at least it gave me hope that all the drugs I was taking and the lonely depressed feeling will be worth it.
donnio responded:
By gosh I know what you mean! You should read my post yesterday! Gosh my head was a Mess!! I feel so much better today it's unreal! You will have some bad days, we all do but that's the best thing about this site, it helps you but your fears and anxieties in perspective and you wake up the next day having a good day. x
ageils responded:
I husband and I were trying for 7 months before he proposed. Then we stopped trying until about 6 weeks before the wedding because I didn't want to be a pregnant bride.. During that first 7 months of trying my best friend got pregnant. Kudos to her! After our 11 month "planning pause" we starting tying again. I met up with my best freind about 4 months in and talked about trying again. She said her and her fiancee were thinking about trying for another one too. AND BOOM!!!! Not even 2 months later she was pregnant again!! It has been very hard for me to see her get pregnant TWICE and have to adorable children and I am still trying

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