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TTC 3 years Clomid for about 6 months on and off
jmillet2314 posted:
I've been TTC for 3 years since my husband and I been married. My Ob told me that I have PCOS about 2 months ago and started me on Clomid 100mg.. Before Clomid my progesterone was at 0. 2 or lower and or in between. Just recently on cycle 1 and 2 again it started to go up from 5 to 10 which is good. This month I didn't take Clomid and i'm post18 AF since i started again on new cycle of Clomid and I am experiencing light bleeding. Hasn't happened since i restarted my clomid treatment. Has anyone else had this. This bleeding comes with light cramps on both sides. Since tx my period has now been 28 to 29 days apart. before it was 37 to 45 with some months coming in on day 52.
leah27brooke4 responded:
I think that usually there are a couple common reasons to bleed mid cycle. Sometimes people can bleed slightly with ovulation, which is an excellent fertility sign. The bleeding occurs from the ovum being released. Another reason to bleed mid cycle is implantation spotting. If the egg has been fertilized and implants in the uterus, this can cause slight bleeding. Implanation bleeding usually occurs 6-12 days after fertilization would have occured. There are of course other reasons.. but those are two that are a possibility. Good luck!!

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