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17 weeks on Saturday!!
jhjan2 posted:
Hey all!!!! Sorry I've been MIA life has been hectic, I have not been myself, lately and I'm trying to first and more most take care of myself and 2nd be a mother to the two children I have and a wife to the most amazing and most understanding man in the whole wide world. There was a moment there when I thought I was going to have to be hospitalized do to extreme morning sickness, which is still present even at 17 weeks. Thank GOD for zophran and B6 I did not have this with my DS and I am so so thankful for it. I am not yet showing, I think I'm one of those lucky girls. Things are going pretty well other than all that, I have a doctor apt tomorrow and we'll get to hear the heartbeat on Doppler, we find out the sex on feb 13th right before valentines day both hubby and I are leaning towards boy, and of course why not I only just got given trash bags full of girls clothes... but still unknown. I will let you all know. So just wanted to say hello to all, wanting to hear from everyone I was talking to, and even new ladies on their stories and where things stand. Best of luck to everyone just starting their clomid cycle, god speed to the ones in their 2ww, and congrats to the new mama's and papas out there who just got their BFP, and my prayers to all the ones who are still trying, don't give up I've been there more than you know leave it in gods hands!
buttons13 responded:
Glad all is well, nice to hear everything's going well for you.
butterflys97 replied to buttons13's response:
Hey hun that is awesome glad you are doing great and feeling better That is a wonderful Valentine's day gift for you and your hubby...Praying for a healthy baby for you guys. Please keep me informed and updates..don't be MIA for too long now...we miss you!

Well my update. So I went to the doctors yesterday for blood work and U/S done on day 3-5 of your cycle (mine was day 5). They did and LH,FSH and progesterone, those should be low at this point. I can call today for the results, but why ? I will wait till next week for my next appointment. Ok back to the visit...they did a transvaginal US which I had no idea they were doing.. thank GOD my period was light at this point because day 1-4 its crazy lol. The doctor said my lining and uterus looked great. And I had about 5-6 follicles in each ovary...YAYY!!! Now my blood work my Natural killer test came back normal, GREAT!!! As for the HLA test, me and my BF are a match almost identical. Which the doctor says MAY be contributing to my miscarriages. So I will have to go on meds for that. Next week I have to check my insides with saline, and the week after that I have do a biopsy ( I am so not looking forward to that) lol...but he just wants to rule everything out. After all the test are complete, he will give me the meds I need and the booster shots to stimulate my ovaries. He says its strong, just like the Clomid but stronger Since I have only one tube we have to make sure they all mature in particualr my left side, since you can't choose a side the shot is strong to stimulate both ovaries... So lets see. I am very excited because I think I may have found some answers but anxious at the same time...I just wanna have a baby already...twins would be perfect..get it all done at once lol....sorry I don't mean to bombard you with all this info..just wanted to keep you informed.

Hopefully if God is willing I will join you soon...OH Lord please...make it happen....Hope to hear from you soon...Take care and be well my friend...

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