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butterflys97 posted:
I feel like such a failure. Another negative HSG test..I am spotting AF about to come on. Another month and no baby. Normally I am like don't give up..let's keep going. But today it hit's this ever going to happen or should I just throw in the gloves and give up. I am so tired. It seems like everyone is pregnant but me. Even people who weren't even trying...I am just having one of those kind of days I guess.
jhjan2 responded:
Hey chickie, don't think like that!! I used to have those thoughts as well, but something inside of me said don't give up. Hugs, there's really not much to say, but believe me a lot of us know how you feel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
butterflys97 replied to jhjan2's response:
Thanks, welcome back. You have been missing in action. But I know you probably have been very busy. How is everything? How are you and the family? As for me I am in good health, my children are in good health. So that is a blessing As far as everything else my post pretty much sums it up. I don't know what is happening. It should not be this hard. Nothing yet for me. I am so discouraged. My only update is which is not really an update because I don't have the results. Is that me and my BF did Genotype testing. That's to check our compatibility to make sure are blood is not too similar and causing my miscarriages. Also did another test (2) to be exact. The second one is NK Activation & IGI something like check my natural killer make sure my body is not kiling off the pregnancy. In either case I would probably have to take steroids or something to lower my immunity but it's gonna be after Feb 1st for those results...seems like forever. Would have been nice to have them that my AF is about to come...So pretty much January is lost too. I cant really try till February..this is really frustrating for me
At least my BF did the bloodwork. But he is still refusing the forbidding SA. He adamant that it's not him, he says he's getting me's not him so he that's another little hurtle I have to get over. I am just praying this happens soon...becasue I don't know how much I can take. Praying for a miracle.

Hope to hear from you soon
buttons13 responded:
Awww right there with u sweetly. ((((((((Big hug))))))))

When there's will, there's away.


As for the SA, my dh was like that at first but so relieved when he did it, he has one of the best readings the dr had seen. That's what she said anyway!!! Lol Talk about big headed!!!

Dr told me Monday he'd need to redo it for us to go to the FC Could be interstin!
butterflys97 replied to buttons13's response:
Yea I was in my feelings....I try to stay positive...but sometimes this infertility things gets the best of me

Hopefully mine will come around and the stupid test already...I mean come on we get poked and proded are whole lives...and these men it's the end of the world for them when they hear SA lol....

Yes it should be very interesting...but if did it once...hopefully he will do it again...just to hear the doctor brag about his results jijiji....

Thanks for your support ladies.....

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