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Timing it out....
swartzentruber13 posted:
Hey all,
I posted earlier "leaning on faith and clomid" I finished my dose oof 150mg of clomid this month ( that was a rollar coaster) and now i should be ovulating. I had two positive tests Yesterday and Today, so i am trying to be smart about timing intercourse out. I know it's supposed to be every other day during your ovulation week but can you once a day for a couple days in a row if you're getting positive O tests?
Also we "tried" the night before i got a positive test, would that still be a chance? thanks ladies! Praying and hoping this is my month
buttons13 responded:

as long your partner doesn't suffer with a low or compromised sperm function, every day during your peak of fertility is ok.

Wishing you lots of luck
swartzentruber13 replied to buttons13's response:
ajb2007 responded:
I am curious to know if you have had any sort of update? I am taking my clomid now and hoping I can get a postive O test myself....

so reading that you were just in this boat gives me hope.. hope all worked out for you
luswart13 replied to ajb2007's response:
Hey ajb2007! I finished my last round of 200mg last month and got two positive tests on cd 19/20 We "tried" on day 17 then on 19 then again on 21. I think if you time the every other day method your chances are good. Praying and hoping that this is your month as well as mine! although it's hard to keep my hopes up.
ajb2007 replied to luswart13's response:
Thank you for your kind words.

and now I'm wondering if its better to try every other night or every night. I was looking over an ovulation calander and it gives 2 different suggestions on the schedule based on the gender preference.

I'm thinking about trying each day... has anyone tried that?

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