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clomid side effects
kaye22 posted:
My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for around 9 months . We just found out that im not ovulating. So my doctor put me on a medicine to get my cycle going. On day five of my cycle I started clomid. First day of clomid I was miserable . Nausea, dizziness, migraine, blurry vision and exhaustion. I am now on day 4 of it. The nausea and dizziness has calmed down but my whole body aches and im exhausted. Not to mention the hot flashes are terrible. I cant get comfortable. My doctor said its all normal and I should feel better soon. I really hope it works the first cycle. I will know in a few weeks!
meds247online responded:
Side effects of clomiphene include"022 Ovarian hyperstimulation(ranging from mild, with enlarged ovaries) "022 Hot flashes.
"022 Irritability.
"022 Nausea,
"022 abdominal pain.
"022 Headaches.
Thick cervical mucus, which sperm cannot travel through. This can be reversed with medicine or bypassed with intrauterine insemination.
"022 Breast tenderness.
"022 Blurred vision.
"022 Hair loss (very rare).
jessicaj23 responded:
Hi Kaye, I just started my clomid cycle. So far I feel every way the doctor said I was going to feel. I would love to get rid of hot flashes though. Go in tomorrow for a checkup. Good luck to you.

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