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Daily Sex or Every Other Day during Ovulation: Which is more effective???
ajb2007 posted:
I'm wondering if its better to try every other night or every night.

I was looking over an ovulation calander and it gives 2 different suggestions on the schedule based on the gender preference.

I'm thinking about trying each day... has anyone tried that? If so, did it render any positive results?
donna_1981 responded:
I have read that it's better to have sex early in the morning as that is when the man has the most sperm. So you COULD do every other day (to make sure there are active sperm inside you) and just do it in the morning if you're able to.
sarachoi responded:
Don't worry about having too much sex when you are trying to conceive with or without clomid . The same NEJM study found that having sex every day is slightly more likely to result in pregnancy than intercourse every other day. Experts do caution couples not to put love making on a schedule. That, they say,just might decrease chances of conception.

The scientific evidence is scarce, but if you are stressed and love making is on 'schedule',' there is some data to show that hormones may be affected and that in turn could influence conception. A Harvard Medical School study on women with fertility problems, that 55% of those who completed a 10 week course of relaxation training and stress reduction had a viable pregnancy within one year, compared with just 20% of the group who had no stress reduction training. Doctors have also found that women undergoing fertility treatments, who remained relaxed and optimistic, had better overall outcomes than women who were pessimistic about their ability to conceive. If you are worried all the time about getting pregnant, if you obsess over it and think about only that, you might influence your body chemistry in a way that does affect your fertility. The key is to "think about making love, not about making babies."

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