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PCOS Never have periods.. Clomid 3x week
tashacherry39 posted:
We have been ttc for over 3 yrs now. I decided to go see a endo. I never have periods and my endo prescribed me to take clomid 3x a week and 1500 mg of metformin daily. Everywhere I read online I dont see anyone else taking it this way.
anywho since I never have periods I asked my dr to call in provera and he did. I was given provera may 4th-14th. I got af on may 20th and (instead of taking the clomid 3x a week every week like my doctor said) just took it on the 23rd-27th, this is my first try and im praying it works as i am hoping to conceive. I also have PCOS
My question is has anyone else been given it this way. it seemed strange and since its so difficult to get him on the phone and i dont have an appt for a while i decided to take it the way everyone else is.
Also is it safe to take provera for months at a time i read somewhere of a women doing this and i didnt think it was safe.
maragayle responded:
I've never heard of this. Generally it's prescribed CD5-9. Don't be concerned if the first round is a bust. The first few months are a guessing game while they try to figure out a dose that will work for you. It's concerning to me, though, that your RE is not responsive. I'm guaranteed a response within the business day if I call before 3 or 4. There is also an after hours call center for emergencies. Communication is extremely important in this process, especially as you're getting into more invasive (and expensive) procedures. If you're not getting the attention you need, now is the time to think of shopping around for a new specialist.
Me 25, DH 26, TTC 2 years, diagnosed with PCOS, 1 m/c

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