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Anyone take progesterone w/ Clomid?
anneelise9 posted:
I have very irregular periods, but never had a luteal phase defect. I just did my first round of Clomid and on CD15 had an ultrasound that showed two follicles--one was 16 and one was 19. Three days later, my temp spiked. However, 9 and 10 dpo, I was spotting, then started my period at 11 dpo. Now my doc is putting me one progesterone along with the clomid.

Has anyone else used both Clomid and progesterone? How did it turn out for you? Also, any idea of why my luteal phase would be short on Clomid, when it's supposed to help lengthen the luteal phase?

Any insight you have would be great to hear.
mel26801 responded:
My first pregnancy I took Clomid because I don't ovulate on my own and my periods are crazy irregular. I had a m/c though and a second m/c after getting pregnant my next cycle without the clomid. Anyway, I am starting Clomid today so hopefully it works like it did before. I am not taking progesterone with the Clomid, but my doctor wants me to start progestrone as soon as I find out I'm pregnant to possibly help avoid another miscarriage. Are you taking Clomid 50?
caliemom; responded:
I started to take Clomid this cycle because we have been having trouble getting pregnant and I have very irregular periods. I just ovulated and now am supposed to start progesterone today. My doctor did a blood test last cycle on a specific cycle day to determine my progesterone was low. I would usually ovulate on day 15-17 but then have my period 5-6 days later. Now I take the progesterone until I have a positive pregnancy test or start my period. Hopefully this will work
katieprays responded:
I did take Progesterone as well, however my DR gave it to me to help jump start my cycle. I have extreme irregular cycles as well, and he diagnosed me with only ovulation about 5 times a year as opposed to the normal 13. I am also taking Clomid to make sure that I do ovulate. I have only taken it for one cycle so far, along with the Progesterone, but so far nothing major. I haven't expierenced anything strange, just the normal PMS symtoms, hot flashes, sore breasts etc...

Hope that helps Good luck!
kellybehr1 responded:
Hi there, I just finished my second round of clomid on days 5-9 oof my cycle .. Day 10 I received a sign on an ovulation test which is weird since it was very early... the doctor told me to take progesterone once I see the sign. So I have taken it and will continue to take it.. hopefully this works and i am pregnant this month. My husband and I have been trying for about a year.
butterflys97 replied to kellybehr1's response:
Hi Kellybehr1,

I just want to say I do not know if you will get a response from them, since the post is 5 years ago. I have been suffering from recurrent miscarriges. Please let me know,if the combination of clomid with progesterone works for you. I have heard women start as soon as they get a bfp. But I have always wonder if the best time to start progesterone is during ovulation. Please keep me posted....many blessings to you...
undefined replied to butterflys97's response:
I have recurrent chemical pregnancies as well. I had success getting pregnant with my first daughter with support of just progesterone and medication for an infection. For baby 2 I had two chemical pregnancies and My dr wants to start me in clomid and progesterone. Did you have success getting pregnant? What was the procedure for using clomid?

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