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blighted ovum, empty sac
rmalinoff posted:
I havent posted in a while, mainly because I thought I was going to hold off on the clomid for a while, but here is what has happened in the last 24 hours. Yesterday at 8 am, I went in to get a battery of labs done to see if there is a chance its an enzyme deficiency, turned out I was pregnant ( don't get excited yet,) so I got a phone call at 2 pm and went in for an ultrasound at 330 only for them to find an empty sac when they think I am almost 8 weeks LMP but am measuring at 5 weeks, both are bad signs. The dr says there is a good, good chance this prgncy wont progress, and I should miscarry. So I was having such sharp stabbing pain I had to go in at 10 30 only to get home at 230 with no reason as to why I am having sharp stabbing pain. This sucks with a capital S. The fact is that I'm ok and was ok with not being pregnant but if I am already pregnant, I want it to work out. This is appearantly a common problem for people with PCOS which means that this could be a common problem for me with no way to treat or prevent this because this can happen, get this, as a result from altered hormone levels... which in and of itself is the definition of PCOS. sigh. This. Blows. So. Hard. .

I follow up next week to see if the sac is growing. Anyone else been here?
LovesPH responded:
Yes, I had the same thing. I knew I was pregnant right away, like 4 weeks. I was given progesterone suppositories at about 5 weeks because I was having bleeding. At 6 weeks we thought we saw something in the sack but didn't hear a heartbeat. At 8 weeks we didn't see anything in the sack but she wanted to wait and see. At 10 weeks there was still nothing there so I stopped the progesterone and I miscarried the next day. Stupid us...we told people we were pregnant. We had the joy of telling everyone it didn't work out. Fabulous fun.
Clomid will help with this. It will make better eggs for you! Chin up! It will happen, but we must be patient!

Love and hugs,
Me(27) DH(28) TTC since m/c 10/2008. Did not O on 50 or 100mg of Clomid. 150mg Clomid works! Currently on 3rd round of 150mg, last chance before seeing an RE. FX for my BFP this C!!
rmalinoff replied to LovesPH's response:
So I just got back from the dr, and he wasnt sure our first appointment but is almost 100 percent sure its a blighted ovum. Now, I just have two choices d and c, or a drug to induce the miscarriage. I mean of course its terrible to not have a viable pregnancy, but whats worse is that now I have to pick between two options, neither of which I want. Ugh. Sucks. So. Bad.
Swilson44 replied to rmalinoff's response:
I am so sorry to hear that! You are in my thoughts and prays!
edipar replied to rmalinoff's response:
Not a choice you want to make, So sorry. My prayers are with you. Keep up your hopes and we are here for support.
rmalinoff replied to edipar's response:
so this might be a dumb question but are your chances better for concieving if this happens? since it just sort of shows that your parts work and all?
NKswk replied to rmalinoff's response:
I'm no expert by any means, but I have heard that it is easier to conceive following a d and c. I had a close friend in your same situation and they got pregnant the very first month they could start trying again after her d and c. Her doctor had her wait until she had three normal cycles, which also came right after the procedure. From what she told me the d and c can help get out any scar tissue or anything else that may complicate getting pregnant.
So sorry you have to make this choice. It can't be easy at all. My prayers are with you!
rmalinoff replied to NKswk's response:
thank you everyone.
much love.
fatmakamel92 replied to LovesPH's response:
I want to ask if clomid works with you and if it is how long you take it and get pregnant?! as i took it a month ago and it didn't work till now !!

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