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Cluster's Suck
martianiam posted:
So i have been suffering from clusters for 5 years now and of course like almost everyone i have come into contact with to get relief or treatment no one has an answer and refers me to somebody else who doesn't have any answer's so after about 3 years of getting what i felt was the run around i gave up and jus told my myself one day the headaches will stop but until then your just going to have to deal with of about a year and half ago i had nothing to ease my PAIN!!! Then i smoke weed for the first time ever (i am 29 yrs old by the way)...I was recommended to do this because weed is used in a lot of pain relieving cases from what i was told so i looked into it read up the drug and tho what the hell cant get any worse then it already is, plus i was willing to try anything to get rid of the pure pain that it was causing...So i tried it and i didn't like the feeling it gave me or high i guess after smoking i was due for a cluster an hour after i smoked and it didnt come and i honestly didn't know what to do with myself just because of the pure joy i had that this drug actually worked i was due for a another headache about 4 hours after that and once again it did not come...So now I'm just overwhelmed and completely over joyed that an illegal drug was actually helping me something i was told to stay away from my whole life is actually helping relieve this horrible disease that i have...So i told my doctor about the experience and of course him being a doctor he advised against it but i told him since i came to you and after all the things you prescribed to me and the doctors and specialist you sent me to nothing ever even came close to helping me and of course he still advised against it. So lets see its been about a year and half like i said that i have been smoking weed and the question you are probably asking is did it get rid of your headaches.? Well needless to say it didnt but what weed did for me is this...I was having anywhere from 5 to 10 headaches a day it was jus takin alot out of me and alot away from me...Losing jobs because of it missing my twins activities that parents need to be at and mymarriage was goin on the tumble just because of my headaches...Since smoking weed i have went from 5-10 a day to 1-3 a day and i only smoke on the weekends and maybe once during the week with the weed having a high THC...also the ones i do have only last anywhere between 5 and 15 mins whereas before the weed it was more 30min to an hour and alot of times longer then that...Now this works for me at least until some amazing doctor comes along and finds a cure but until then i am goin to keep smoking weed not because i want to but because i have to...Now will this work you I have no idea but it works for me and gives me sum relief...My headaches usually go into remission in the winter time and that is when i stop smoking only having a headache once or twice a month but everyone that suffers from this cycle is different and some ppl dont even go into remission at all and those ppl i feel so bad for because at least i get relief a few months out the year whereas they dont...So if you havent tried weed for your headaches i would advise just to try it an if it doesnt work for you then im sorry it didnt...I just thought i would share what is helping for me in trying to deal and cope with these horrible headaches that they cant seem to find a cure for... If anyone has any feedback as to how you deL with the pain any meds that has helped you please tell me...cause like i said im not smoking weed because i want to im doing it because i have to..
olggg responded:
Hi, My husband was prescribed medical canabis as a treatment for his cluster headaches. It is not new and can be helpful.

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