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Serious Question, but insert jokes :P
KatieS83 posted:
My hubs and i want to go out to dinner, i would love nothing more then to have a couple drink (i mean literally a couple). but i'm on Lithium, and everything i've read says these really extreme things about having one or two drinks on lithium. I'm curious as to who is on lithium and has a drink now and then. (i only drink maybe one or two drinks a month) I havent a one since last october though. A little insight, i'm really kinda itching for a glass of wine!
IrwinsLady responded:
I was on it and had a few drinks but i drank plenty of water before.
KatieS83 replied to IrwinsLady's response:
good to know. One of the wensites i read said that even one drop of alcohol while taking lithium would kill you.....i was like what?
fuzzer29 replied to KatieS83's response:
I know I used to have an occasional glass of wine with dinner, and I never had any probs because of it.
bipolargal responded:
I don't take Lithium, but I know my meds say not to drink alcohol with them either. I have though, and I know I drank at least 12 shots (more but stopped counting at 12) of hard liquor one night, with no side effects.

At the same time, I do know that everyone reacts differently to different meds, so I would be cautious about drinking too much. Some people can smoke for 50 years and be fine, someone else may smoke for a couple of years, and get cancer. The body works in mysterious ways.

Either way, have a nice dinner with hubby!
IrwinsLady replied to bipolargal's response:
yeah it says not to because it increases the effects and drowsiness is all. just be safe when you do drink.
KatieS83 replied to IrwinsLady's response:
Thanks all for the honest answers! We are just trying to find a sitter for the kids some evening, then off we go with a major zoooooooooooooooooooooom
fuzzer29 replied to KatieS83's response:
I hope you find a sitter, and have a ball! You deserve it! PS, I drink some een though I'm not supposed to with the meds I'm on, and I neer have had any side effects from the drinking.

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