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i'm a little coconut.
sitting in a coco patch.
somebody came and stepped on me.
i am squished as you can see.
i'm a nut.
i'm a nut.
i'm a nut. i'm a nut. i'm a nut nut nut.
snowyowl33 posted:

ok you guys... get yer buns outta the cococandy store and get back to the Patch.... now where are you little so and so's??????
MISS YOUU...... why have you all gone away....

Kitty... you ok?? you know I worry when you disappear and don't tell me......
slik_kitty responded:
awwww hugs hun. i'm still here. just quiet. no one is having any fun any more. except for the labor day party.
If your car could travel at the speed of light, would your headlights work - steven wright
snowyowl33 replied to slik_kitty's response:
just read your signature..... hummmmm would they????

Awwwwww......I know ... I agree..... maybe we should start some trouble over at Caprice's... bwahahahahahaha rubbing hands....haven't done that for awhile....... "Attack of the Twin Coconuts!!" ........lmao! ....

Snowy hugs her buddy..... let's go start some trouble.... nudge nudge..
fuzzer29 responded:
Awwww hugs snowy! I have been having probs with my puter and can only respond sometimes. I really need to remember to take it downstairs to have my dad fix it, but he has been super busy and I have to wait now until his busy season is over. That is one part of the prob, the other is that my depression is back, and I tend to not be very social when it rears it's ugly head. I have just been goofing off getting my mind off things, and not doing much. Just trying to find a way to sit where the injection site does not hurt so bad. I still can't believe how painful this is! Hugs to every one! I do miss you all, and I hope to be back to my old happy self soon!
snowyowl33 replied to fuzzer29's response:
we're here for you hon, always... with a big warm soft blanket and hot chocolate..... lean on us ok?....

fuzzer29 replied to snowyowl33's response:
Ooooh, hot chocolate? I am soooo there! And I love nice soft blankies too! I have a dozen or so on my bed now- of course one is for the dog. I told you she was a spoiled little brat! She picks which one she wants- it's always the softest and nicest one! I swear she is a hedonist! Only the finest for her! Thanks for being there for me snowy, I do appreciate it. I will def use the support and it helps so much to know that I am not alone with this. That alone helps tremendously! Thanks! Hugs sweetie!
IrwinsLady responded:
Im sorry Snowy I was outta state on vacation for two weeks but Im back now.
snowyowl33 replied to IrwinsLady's response:
IrwinsLady replied to snowyowl33's response:
lol Snowy youre so adorable
KatieS83 responded:
ahhhhhhhhhh OMG what a last couple weeks! My net got shut off for a few days, we've had back to back showings at the house we're staying at, and BOTH kids havent been feeling well, and i somehow managed to dislocated my shoulder! I'm so glad to be back and somewhat able to use my arm again!!! RAWR!
fuzzer29 replied to KatieS83's response:
Awwww, you poor thing! Sorry about all the havoc you have been through, but I am very glad to see you back! Sounds like you have really been busy with lots of things! You were missed!
slik_kitty replied to KatieS83's response:
glad you are back!!!!
If your car could travel at the speed of light, would your headlights work - steven wright
IrwinsLady replied to slik_kitty's response:
thanks Kitty, glad to be back.

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