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i'm a little coconut.
sitting in a coco patch.
somebody came and stepped on me.
i am squished as you can see.
i'm a nut.
i'm a nut.
i'm a nut. i'm a nut. i'm a nut nut nut.
is anybody here?
slik_kitty posted:
where did everybody go?
If your car could travel at the speed of  light, would your headlights work - steven wright
ibex7 responded:
Full moon over the harvest and just in time for Halloween, Snowy. Hee hee. Busy finishing getting the corn crop in and mini tilling before wet weather settles in.

One last road trip for the year. Oct 24 thru 30th, will visit my sister in Nashville for some country tunes and (Yum) a catfish feed or two. I voted early today and got all the bills paid thru Nov 1st. A good wash and oil change for the old Buick, cheap gas and my trusty HP puter companion and I'll be all set to go scare the hell out of Tennessee!!

On Nov. 1st my study group is hosting dinner and entertainment for 18 children, temporarily housed at Contact Ministries, a local orphanage/stopgap whose parents are hospitalized, incarcerated, etc. Goat will get a chance to sharpen his chess playing skills since some of these guys are pretty sharp.

So to answer your question, the Cocopatchies are still around, just busy with things that help us feel better.

bpcookie replied to ibex7's response:
corn crop, that reminds me of the corn mazes we have here is Az. I have yet to go to one. *pout*, but I hear they are real fun. Do you guys, the coco nuts, have them in your state as well?
slik_kitty responded:
hey goat! when are you going to settle down and play with your patchies? he he he

yeah we have a big corn maze here every year. never have gone there though.
If your car could travel at the speed of light, would your headlights work - steven wright
skypper replied to slik_kitty's response:
I"M HERE!!!!

KatieS83 responded:
I"m here, i can finally see things somewhat clear now! yuuuuuum Nerds.....
snowyowl33 replied to KatieS83's response:
are you calling us nerds Katie??? bwahahaha

I'm here too... sort of..... Michelle I have to steal her because she is so cute! ... ok, now I want you to tell me where our getting all of these???? hummmm
skypper replied to snowyowl33's response:
I'm pretty sure I posted on the grumpies page wher to locate these smilies, it's so cool I just looked it up and as you can probably tell I LOVES it! Hehehehehe
snowyowl33 replied to skypper's response:
Found them, thanx!
KatieS83 replied to snowyowl33's response:
<flicks Nerds at Snowy and runs aways cuz she ran outta nerds>
IrwinsLady replied to KatieS83's response:
bentandbroken replied to bpcookie's response:
Years ago I made a 90mph maze in a cane (as tall as corn,but planted much close together) field one night I bet that farmer was POOd when he seen my work.People on alcahol,acid and speed should not drive.
bpcookie replied to bentandbroken's response:
LMAO OMG, yea, I bet the farmer wasnt too happy. Or, perhaps he thought it was an alien crop circle, you never know.
skypper replied to bentandbroken's response:
KatieS83 replied to snowyowl33's response:
I love that fairy! Have you seen the art work of Amy Brown? I love her work.

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