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Coughing up small hard white kernel
puttszer posted:
Having coughing spells in morning, sometimes coughing up a piece of what i think would be a calcium deposit from inside of my throat, happen once last year and now happened twice in one week. Also cough up white phlem. Have coughing spells more when talking and laughing. Looks like a small piece of popcorn, but is hard.
wannabenurz responded:
have had the same thing .. wonder does it smell bad? think it's wax from the ear...
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
You most likely have Cryptic Tonsils?

Some tonsils have holes (crypts) in them, like the craters on the moon. Food particles and other debris will become trapped, calcify (become hard), decompose (hence the bad taste and smell), and dislodge from time to time. They can also cause your tonsils to enlarge and become inflamed.

Other than physically dislodging these "tonsilliths" (the name for those white chunks), and gargling after EVERY meal, the only definitive cure is the surgical removal of the tonsils ? a drastic measure that is not usually necessary.
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
There is no anatomical way to cough up a piece of earwax.....sorry. This is a tonsillith. Please read the explanation above.
NCfemale replied to Rod_Moser_PA_PhD's response:
I've been coughing up these tiny kernels ocassionally but is it normal for your chest and throat to hurt as well? and sometimes have chills?
Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to NCfemale's response:
No....coughing, chest/ throat pain, and chills are not normal.

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