Geographic tongue and throat
tatts_taryn posted:
Hi there Dr Moser,

My mum has been diagnosed with Geographic Tongue. The specialist says that he sees it a lot in post menopausal women and that the medical profession are completely stumped as to why this occurs.

My question to you though is, have you ever seen anyone who has a Geographic Tongue as well as a sore, inflamed throat? I had posted a message to you weeks ago about my mum whose throat and mouth were always sore. She loses her voice often and her vocal chords are apparently raw and inflamed too.

I was just wondering if there can be a link between Geographic Tongue and a continuously sore throat.

Many thanks once again
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
No...I am sorry, but as far as I know....there is no link between a geographic tongue and sore throat/vocal cord issues.

A person can definitely have more than one medical issue going on at the same time. All symptoms do not have to be "linked".

So, what did the ENT tell her about the throat and vocal cords?