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Ear Canal swollen shut
JoanneSh posted:
My ear had been swollen for 3 months. Prior to the swelling......I had some humming sound in my ear...but was dealing with GI illness at the time and did not have checked. Initially, there was some pain....but then just numbness and hearing loss. My primary care put me on prednisone...assuming to decrease the he could look inside. However, I could not tolerate the prednisone (vomitting).

I also have had many issues in the recent months......small intestine volvulus---no cause determined....blood shot red eyes constantly.....stomach pain and severe cramping.... have been to many doctors.....many tests, all negative.......ultrasound, colonoscopy, small bowel series, cat scan of abdomen. I have been put on Amoxicillin and Doxycycline.....which I took for 3 weeks...but had difficulty tolerating any meds..... my stye on my eye healed.......but did not help the ear. If my ear were infected, would the antibiotics have helped? Thank you in advance. Sorry for so much other information...just unsure if all of this could be related. Thank you again.
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
I assume your ear issue is an independent problem, unrelated to your GI challenges. After three MONTHS of a swollent ear canal, it is definitely time for you to see a good ENT so you can be properly diagnosed and treated. A swollen ear canal is most likely otitis externa but there are other causes. There are topical corticosteroids that can be used and "wicks" that can be inserted in your ear canal to gradually open it up so the medicine can even penetrate.
ChiefDork responded:
[ same problem, lasted month/half >

tried a lot of doctors and meds till I described my symtoms to an old friend of mine (when I say old I mean she's maybe in her early 80's) well she told me to gurgle a cup/half warm salt water every two hours and man did it work (in 5 to 10min. the pain subsided, hearing returned, the swelling went down enough to use the drips at least) so if nothing else works you could always try old remedies PS. I am not a doctor or trying to play doctor and my old friend isn't either so I would suggest you consult a doctor before trying this and good luck
Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to ChiefDork's response:
I see you DID post under the original posting from four years ago. Thank you for your comments, but in this case gargling with salt water would have no effect on swelling in the ear canal. Saline gargles are great for a sore throat, though.
emilyisnot replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
I have no medical degree but aren't all ear infections caused by viruses or bacteria of some kind or other? Therefore I in all my ignorance might infer that gargling salt water might just help you body fight the infection or virus and help you get better.

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