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care after cauterization
yogi156 posted:
I had my nose chemically cauterized 5 days ago, but it didn't really help, as it has bled again the last few days. This morning I called the Dr, and he had me come in and used electric to cauterize it this time. He stuck a grounding pad on my leg and used some kind of electric device to burn my nose. My question is what to expect? how long till I can blow my nose. how do I clean nose in the meantime. Will there be nasty stuff draining from the wound. I am supposed to use saline solution, + afrin, + carmex. I'm afraid that if I put the carmex directly on the wound, it will start bleeding again. I wish I had a flier that explained what to expect after the procedure. Thank you
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
I typically only use the chemical cautery....not the electric (Bovey) device. Either one can really irritate the nose and form a scab.

You really shouldn't "clean" your nose if you can help it. This may dislodge the scab and re-start the bleeding. You can use saline nasal spray to moisturize the nose, and GENTLY blow. If you don't want to use Carmex, you can use some plain vaseline, or even a vaseline-based antibacterial ointment (like Bacitracin). As the days progress, your nose should feel better...and soon, normal.
amed17 replied to Rod_Moser_PA_PhD's response:
I recently had my nose cauterized. Is it normal to feel pressure on my gums and teeth and how long should these side effects last? Are there any recommendations for treating these symptoms like orajel. Also, is it normal to have a little bleeding after the procedure?
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
I don't use electrocautering in the nose. I would just have used the chemical cautery again (silver nitrate) or use Gelfoam (a special dressing that will stick to this wound and stop the bleeding). Sometimes, the anterior part of the nose needs to be packed to stop the flow of blood. Was this done by an ENT, or your primary care provider?

I really have no way of specifically advising you in this matter since I cannot see the site of the bleeding, the extent of the trauma caused by the cautery, etc. Since I don't know your particular case, I really can't recommend any treatment modalities. I can say that I don't use Carmex in the nose....I do recommend Vaseline for the moisture, or saline gel. I don't think that blowing your nose would be a good idea for a while since you may break open any scab that is surely forming. If it starts to bleed again, use firm compression...if it doesn't stop, go back to your doctor again, or the ER.

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