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Strange ear bump/sore
mattynape posted:
Hello, I woke up yesterday and my left ear felt a little sore. I felt a small bump just outside the outer ear canal. It gets more sore when i touch it. It's either a bump or is swollen for some reason. it's outside enough that i can easily touch it with my finger, but obstructs my finger from going any farther, normally i would be able to put my finger a little bit farther in without entering the ear canal. It does not seem to effect the ear canal itself, or anything or my hearing in any way. I have not experienced any popping or any symptom other than the soreness. I was told it could just be a pimple, but it doesn't feel like one. I know an examination is the best advice, but I thought I would check here first. have not received any injury or trauma to the ear. I was in the woods earlier that morning, so I'm not sure if a bug bite or allergic reaction is possible, though I do not recall anything coming into contact with my ear. I am not sick and feel healthy. Nothing else anywhere else either, just this ear. It is not itching and there is no sort of discharge from it. My symptoms don't seem to match those of ringworm either.

Your advice would be appreciated, Matt
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
You are correct, Matt... I have no way of examining your ear and this bump to offer you a definitive answer. The ear and ear canal are covered in skin, and skin is subject to hundreds of different dermatological insults. Could it be a pimple? Sure. It could be a sebaceous (oil gland) cyst, skin infection, insect bite (mosquito), or any number of things.

Advice: Don't "mess" with it....don't try and squeeze it or do ANY self-surgery. Leave it alone. If it worsens or does not improve over the next few days, you will need to see a medical provider so you can be properly examined, diagnosed, and of course, specifically treated.
An_260080 responded:
Hi, Matt-

I knows it's been a while since you posted this, but I am currently experiencing the same exact symptoms as you and wondered what happens with yours. Did it go away on it's own? If so, about how long did it last? Etc...

Any help is great.


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