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ear white flakes
brandonamiel posted:
Dr. Moser I been having white flakes in my right ear. it drys and its hard to come out. when i clean it in 30 minuteslater i have more, after i have clean it I feel liquid in the ear. What can i do????
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:

Those white flakes can be flakes of skin, like dandruff, common in people with atopic dermatitis (eczema) in their ears. Sometimes, atopic dermatitis can drain a bit (like that liquid you are feeling). The dry flake could even be psoriasis. The ear canal is lined with skin, so this is most likely a 'skin' issue that just happens to be in your ear.

Some forms of cerumen (earwax) can appear as white flakes. People who use Q-tips a lot (you!) tend to make things worse, because it can further dry the ears.

So, your first step is to see a medical provider so you can be properly diagnosed. Then, you can be appropriately treated.
brandonamiel responded:
thank you for your answer. How would you recomend to clean my ears?
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
Why clean your ears? Earwax is not "dirt" so it doesn't need to be removed. If you find the appearance unappealing, you can just remove what you can remove using a wash cloth and avoid swabbing it out with Q-tips. Leave earwax alone, so it can protect your ear canal...from bacteria and water. If you have a true, wax IMPACTION, it can be removed by a gentle stream (lavage) of warm water.

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