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Achy Ear, Post Nasal Drip. OUCH!
mmunda20 posted:
Hello. I'm a very healthy, active 24/F with no known allergies or health problems. Over the past 6 hours I've spiraled into a very painful (assumed) sinus infection. My symptoms are : very sore throat caused from post nasal drip, achy ear that feels swollen, and swollen throat lymph gland. This is ONLY on the right side. And is painful enough that I'm unable to swallow. I currently have no sinus congestion, fever, or cough. I'm on no medications, and have taken OTC sudafed to help with the drainage and used a netty pot to help with cleaning.

I'm unsure if I should see a Dr. or if I should simply try OTC medicines for a SINUS infection or for an EAR INFECTION? Would the throat and ear be related?
ChicagoBoy777 responded:
I had the same symptums and kept having sinus infections. I am very healthy, non-smoker and an aggressive mountain biker. I found out I had a deviated septum and I had the surgery done 5 months ago. NO MOTRE infections. Now I gotta find out why the post nasal drip won't go away. Likely allergies.

PS you could develop allergies even at 24. I'm 36 and started getting them bad.
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
Yes, the throat and ear are anatomically connected -- via the Eustachian tubes. When the sinuses drain down the back of your throat, they often compromised the ventilation and drainage functions of the e-tubes.

It is really up to you rather to seek care now or not. Six hours really hasn't given your immune system much of a chance to fight this infection, but only you know how you feel. If you have strep (perhaps that very sore throat of yours, and a common cause of sinusitis), you may need some help, namely an antibiotic. Many people elect to wait a few days to see if they improve spontaneously, but I really can't suggest that for you...namely, since I do not know you, or your complete medical history. If you continue to get progressively worse, seeing a medical provider is really the only way to be properly diagnosed.

OTC meds do not cure anything, but they can control symptoms...and buy you some time; the time needed for your immune system to do its job.

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