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    1 1/2 year old coughing/vomiting
    nsb318 posted:
    Since my son was a newborn he's always spit up a tremendous amount after feedings. When I mean "tremendous amount" I mean "Exorcist" type spitting up. Almost his entire feeding that is. Our pediatrician told us this was normal and some newborns spit up excessively more than others. So we really paid no attention except for the numerous stains on our carpet, furniture, and clothing. In addition to his spitting up it was always preceeded by a rough cough.

    Moving foward to 11 months. My little guy was well into eating solids by this point not spitting up as excessively but still had the nagging cough. One evening about an hour after dinner my son started a serious cough (you know the one, just before someone is about to lose it) and out came his entire dinner all over himself and the carpet. This was the first of an on going battle my wife and I have been waging with his issue. Now I must add he was teething at this point, swallowing alot of saliva which we figured may have been the catalyst. Moving forward, at his next appointment we revisited this issue with his pediatrician. And once again she seem to blame the saliva for his vomiting and did't want to do much preventative actions.

    Over the past year or so my son has developed serious cough for no reason. It worries my wife and I to see his litte face to bright red/purple because he's coughing so hard. He vomits his food quite frequently (atleast a couple times a week). However, he doesn't seem to be bothered by it and he's definitely gaining weight normally. This past winter he caught a cold and we noticed a weezing, shortnes of breath. We took him back the pediatrician and she ordered us a nebulizer. We've noticed more weezing when he endured other colds this previous winter/spring. The pediatrician also did not rule out allergies or asthma but did not test for them either. My wife and I thought it may be acid reflux so after badgering his pediatrician she finally gave in and perscribed prevacid. We thought this would be the answer...WRONG!!! He still coughs/vomits frequently especially after dinner or after running around the house. Like I said you wouldn't notice this by looking at him, he's a healthy, happy 20 month old.

    Personally, I've had enough of getting nowhere with the pediatrician. She doesn't seem to understand how severe this is. So I'm looking for advice from others if possible. Should we take him to a ears, nose and throat specialist? An allergist? or what? He's getting more active so we can't have him coughing and vomiting everytime he runs or plays. And we definitely need to nip this in the bud before preschool starts. Once again, any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.

    Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
    Nate...take your son to see a pediatric gastroenterologist. He needs a good GI workup, including being scoped to see if he has structural problem causing his vomiting. This is not my area of expertise, but if the GI guy checks him out thoroughly, rules out ANY GI cause for his symptoms, then.....see the ENT and a pulmonologist. I agree with you...sounds like GERD or something structurally causing the GERD. Just because Prevacid did not seem to work, does prove that there is still not some reflux going on with your son.
    hannonmom responded:
    Nate, I am sorry I am not going to be of much help to you-but was wondering if you could help me. My son's symptoms seem almost identical to yours. He is only 11 months but coughs and vomits almost every day. We finally convinced our Dr. that something was wrong. Today we had a Barium swallow and it showed nothing wrong, but within 10 minutes of leaving the Dr. he threw up all over the back seat of the car. But according to this test his esophogus is fine and he has no reflux. I am just wondering if you have determined what is wrong with your son. I know you probably don't have many answers and you seem just as fustrated and helpless as we are but I am hoping you might have found the answer we are both looking for. Please e-mail me at

    Thanks Becky
    Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
    Just because the Previcid did not seem to work right away, does not mean the reflux is vindicated as a cause.

    The first step? Get him to see a good pediatric gastroenterologist. I suspect he is coughing due to reflux. As you know, coughing can have many causes, including allergies, asthma, colds, etc., but with this history you have shared, I will see the GI specialist first.
    romanis responded:
    defenetaly understand your frustration my 24 month old since he was born it was the same problem untill now, today he has a cold and is coughing like crazy and pukes every time, he throws 2 or 3 times a week but when hes sick is every day i am getting tire of picking up vomit, my doctor also say this is normal because he is gaining weight, but she should try picking up puke every dam day.

    I get embarrased with my friends and family around cause this is constantly... please if you know the solution to this email me1..0
    wellnessmom4 responded:
    Hi, Nate. How long did you give the Prevacid? I'm new to Proton Pump Inhibitor therapy but have been told by my ENT that sometimes these medications take quite a while (weeks to months) to significantly reduce symptoms.

    I also agree with Dr. Moser - if this was my son I would want him evaluated by a pediatric GI specialist (if such a specialist is available where you live). Best of luck to all of you....

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