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Recurring Tonsil Stones????
kasmith1983 posted:
Hello, I have a question about tonsil stones. On my left tonsil I noticed this white thing on it about 2 weeks ago. I started picking around with it and got it out. Well I've noticed that it came back. I've gotten a cotton swab and pressed on my tonsils and got several, several of them out. Its so nasty. I've been to the doctor and they have no idea what I am talking about. I can get those stones out just about everyday. Since I have been picking around at my tonsils for a couple of weeks now, I think I have irrated them. I've even made it blead. How much more of these stones can I get out of my tonsils, and why are they still in there? I am really concered and scared. I've gargled with salt water, bought new toothpaste and mouthwash, suggested by some other website, Dr. Katz or something. I just can't stop picking at my tonsils, because I know its in nasty. Is there anything OTC I can buy?
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
No, there is nothing OTC that will cure Cryptic Tonsils

Some tonsils have holes (crypts) in them, like the craters on the moon. Food particles and other debris will become trapped, calcify (become hard), decompose (hence the bad taste and smell), and dislodge from time to time. They can also cause your tonsils to enlarge and become inflamed.

Other than physically dislodging these "tonsilliths" (the name for those white chunks), and gargling after EVERY meal, the only definitive cure is the surgical removal of the tonsils ? a drastic measure that is not usually necessary.

Unlike the days when tonsils would be surgically removed at your request or the doctor's discretion, insurance companies now have strict surgical criteria that need to be met. Tonsils that become frequently infected (often with Strep), and those that are obstructing the airway or ability to swallow may need to go. If severe and recurrent, cryptic tonsils may also qualify for surgery if your ENT becomes your advocate with the insurance company.
Jen675 responded:
Hi I had this problem when I was younger I too did the same stuff your doing , mouthwash toothpaste, pick pick picking all the time...I was so paranoid it gave me bad breath... I also got very sore throats & swollen sonsils tonsilitis...finally at 17yrs old I went to specialist & they said I had chronic tonsilitis..& set for surgery removal of them...a little painful of a procedure about a week to 2 recovery w/ help of pain meds but well worth it foe me no more sore throat & tonsils & best no more disgusting wwhite balls ever again...See a specialist throat doctor you may need to get a referral from yor primary & they'll let you know whats best if you should get them removed ..I had chronic may also..I dont know, but its worth checking it out ..Best ogf Luck !!!
TeresaMW82 responded:
I noticed for several months I was sick to my stomach & I could not figure out why I kept dry heaving for no reason. I went thru the gamet of tests (negative pregnancy tests, gall bladder testing, endoscopy & colonoscopy) which were all normal. But I was getting several nasty little white chunks coming up in my throat and if one hit my gag reflex I was puking. After lots of googling, I learned what they were, "tonsilloliths." I tried to deal, I can go 2 or 3 days clear, but other days I am getting like 20 and it's very irritating, embarrassing and plain gross. I visited my ENT who had fixed my deviated septum and turbinate reduction--he took one look and said "oh yeah, yucky." He said a lot of people actually have their tonsils removed who have this problem chronically & I would be a good candidate. I told him to sign me up!! I was losing my mind trying to pop those nasty chunks out and not to mention the nasty breath that comes along with it. And I was tired of throwing up. After researching this issue, I found that food particles, bacteria & sinus drainage are what make up these throat chunks, so what was happening is at night they were dropping down into my stomach thus giving me horrible nausea. HUH?! Who would have thought...? Anyway, as I await my tonsillectomy (by the way I'm like 27 and I heard it's gonna be a 2 week recovery yayy) I use large amounts of ice breaker mints and drink lots of water to wash 'em down because if they come up-- I puke-- also, pushing on the neck in the areas where you may think you feel the stone can help dislodge it. I read that some people express them out using waterpix/qtips but I can't do that because I can't see them. I'll probably make some posts after the tonsillectomy so people know what to expect and how great it's going to be to get rid of the nastiness of it all.

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