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stopped up ears
SHELLEY28409 posted:
Dr. Moser i wrote to you before not long ago about my dizziness problems but for about 2 weeks now when i get up in the morning my ears will stop up and i can bend down and they will unclog for a few minutes then it comes back.....both ears have a little bit of pain way down in the ear canal ....

They feel full at times and when they are clogged up iif i am on the phone with anyone my own voice echo's back in my drives me crazy.....and only at night when i go to bed if i am laying on either ear it starts it itch inside of my ear....i mean really itch bad like something is crawling in it...omg....i know its not bugs but thats what it feel like..

could this just we wax or do you think its fluid in my ear.....can a ear dr do anything about this if its fluid....i cannot take prednisone it makes me really sick and i have had my ears cleaned out twice in 3 years and when they do that it really sets off the vertigo the point i am throwing up....

any suggestions....i guess i will go to another dr and see what he says but was just wondering if you knew what this might be..

hope your dizziness is at bay right now and you are feeling good..

God bless and have a good evening..

thanks again
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
Plugged up ears could be several things...

Yes, it could be a wax impaction, but ETD (eustachian tube dsyfunction) with middle ear fluid is also very likely. The itchy ears could be a separate, unrelated issue in the ear canal - a mild infection? dry skin?

Seeing your medical provider is really the only way that you can determine the source of your symptoms and be properly treated.

If you have to have your ear canal lavaged for a wax impaction, make sure they use water that is body temperature (about 99) or slightly above. Water that is room temperature is way too cold and yes, it can make you very dizzy. This is called a caloric response.
SHELLEY28409 responded:
thankyou so much and you know when they did clean my ears at the specialist i went to see the water so cold as ice and it looked like a chalking was so forceful like out of a garden hose or something....i wiill not let that happen again...

thanks for the info and have a good evening....
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
If they use cold or ice water, you can throw up on them! The force isn't the issue, it is the temperature of that water.

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