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Throat closes up while talking
breeona15 posted:
This is totally weird but is driving me nuts. This happens only in the mornings and goes away after a few hours. I work in a call center and I am on the phones all day. In the mornings, I will be talking on the phone and my voice literally just cuts out and I have to do this weird swallow thing in order for it to come back. Its not like my voice box cutting out, its more like in my throat, almost like its closing up for a second. It only lasts for like a second or two but its so annoying when I am mid sentence and it happens, because it sounds like i just stopped talking in the middle of a word. Sometimes I wonder if it is all in my head because it seems to happen more often if I think about it, but it is such an involuntary action and I am not able to recreate it or do it on purpose. The weirdest part is it seems to be worse when my skin is dry, especially my feet or hands. Am I crazy or what is going on here? I would say this has gone on for over a year, and it happens about 5 times every day, mostly only at work, and rarely happens at home, although it does happen sometimes. It could be that I just notice it more at work. It doesn't cause me any pain, it is more of a nuissance.
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
I don't know you well enough to know if you are crazy, but I suspect you are not. I read your message over and over, but I really can't get a handle on exactly what is happening to you five times per day. Perhaps, if I had the opportunity to talk with you one-on-one in a clinical situation where I could also eamien you, maybe....maybe, I would have a clue. Unfortunately at this point, I do not have any profound wisdom as to the cause, or a solution for your unusual problem. I am very sorry.

Since I do not want these episodes to drive you nuts, as you say, I would suggest that you start the process of medically investigating this issue. It has been over a year.
atanos responded:
I have never replied to anything like this, but I had to because I have been googling this problem for days because it has been happening to me, but I didn't know how to describe it! I have been having this happen for about 2 months off and on now and I can't figure it out! Did you find out what was going on?

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