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Sinus - antibiotics aren't working
beautifulsoul76 posted:
Question... I posted a couple weeks ago regarding my ears feeling full with pressure and just achy all over but never a fever. I went to my primary doctor, who gave me antibiotics for a sinus infection. I took those and was no better, my doctor then had a CT scan of my sinus's done and it said yep still have the sinus infection. My doctor also said my ears were so plugged that it looked like the ear tubes were being sucked back inside. So after the CT results they gave me 7 days of avelox 400mg once a day and steroid pills for 3 days. I have only 2 days left of the antibiotics and don't feel a lot better yet. I feel like MAYBE the sinus stuff is starting to drain but still have the pressure in my ears!! Am I being impatient, if the antibiotics an steroids don't work, then what is a typical next step??
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
Sinus infections are not easy to treat. I once had to take antibiotic for 12 weeks in order to get a handle on my own sinus infection (treated by my ENT, of course). You may have to remain on those antibiotics for a longer period of time.

Since sinuses tend to drain down the back of your throat, it can affect you ears by blocking the eustachian tubes. This problem alone can take weeks to resolve -- you may have fluid in your middle ear space now.

My suggest would be for you to hang in there...and make a follow up appt wihth your doctor again. The logical next step would be to continue treating your sinuses.....or, see an ENT for a second opinion.
beautifulsoul76 responded:
Did you notice other symptoms too? I just feel drained from this, it's so frustrating!
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
When you body has an infection, it can certainly sap your energy.
beautifulsoul76 responded:
To follow up: I called my doctor yesterday and she told me to wait until Thursday or Friday because the antibiotics are a slow release or long lasting so even though I used up my prescription they will continue to work? ? ? ?

I am so exhausted, achy all over, not sure if this is just my body because I have had this darn sinus infection so long or something else entirely. Oddly enough never had a fever this whole time!
cheweygoober responded:
I have been on avelox twice, for ten days at a time, augmentin 875 twice a day for 7 days, and now I am on Augmentin RX 4,000 mg a day to treat my chronic sinus infections, and I still don't feel better. I was put on steroids last week and the morning I finished them I broke out in 101.4 fever and chills, and horrible facial pain. I am beginning to feel like I am never going to get better. I have had four sinus infections since December, and the first two led to bronchitis and laryngitis. And I still have an awful chest cough at night, now I am also wheezing at night. Also my back has been hurting, I think from all the coughing. I am waiting to get a catscan of my sinuses, but honestly, why am I on such strong antibiotics if clearly they have yet to work?
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded: definitely need that CT scan. You are on enough medication to cure a small village, but unless that medication can penetrate through the bony barrier or your sinuses, it may not be doing the trick.

I assume you are seeing an ENT, correct? If not, you need an ENT consultation.

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