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Vibrating eardrum?
Doug35 posted:
Rod, I had a bad cold 2 weeks ago with head and chest congestion. The doctor diagnosed sinusitis and put me on antibiotic and decongestant. 1 week into it, my right ear blocked. Felt like someone poured concrete into my right ear. Went back to doctor and he saw fluid, said to let antibiotics work and let it run its course. The ear block came and went for another week. Saw an ENT and he prescribed Nasonex. Now my ear feels clear, but some voices sound a little garbled, and when it's quiet I can hear a low humming sound in my right ear that feels like my eardrum is vibrating. Very scary. What is this vibrating sound? Thanks for your time.
pencek replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
my eardrum used to vibrate very rarely when i was a kid, maybe once a year, but since last fall it has been happening almost every night in my left ear. it only occurs when im laying on my right side. when it first started happening frequently it was triggered by pressure on my right ear. i could sleep fine on my left side, but when i laid with the right side of my head down it would start, and i could lift my ear an inch off the pillow and itd stop. now it seems to be more because of noise. i can get away with sleeping on my right side most nights as long as its quiet in the room. when it does start up if i dont reposition myself its so bothersome it makes my eyes water, and ive never experienced it in the morning. i asked my doctor about it and he looked in my ears and nose and said everything looked fine. is there any reason why the quivering/vibrating is triggered by noise or contact? and is my 'trigger' moving more toward sound from contact a sign of it going away?
Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to pencek's response:
You need to see an ENT specialist and have a careful examination. Many conditions of the ear cannot be "seen" during a routine examination.
SuzieSaam replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
I was listening to head phones loud and now my ear wont stop ringing this will be day 2! wil it go away?
Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to SuzieSaam's response:
I don't know, Suzie. Depending on the volume of your headphones, and the sensitivity of your ears, the ringing (tinnitus) can last a few days....a week....or even be permanent. There is no way for me, or any medical provider, to predict outcome.

If your tinnitus continues beyond a week, you will need to see an ENT specialist, have a hearing test, and be carefully examined. Acoustic injury to the ears can cause permanent hearing changes, but at two days, it is too early to know.

I would strongly suggest that you turn down the volume significantly, and don't use those headphones for a while.
eartrauma replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
Dr. Moser,
Thank you for answering everyones questions. I have a peculiar situation that I am very confused about. Please give me some insight. About 1 week ago I was slapped right on my left ear, I heard a really loud popping sound. I was numb on the left side and had a really bad case of tinnitus the next day. I saw an ENT, surprisingly I didn't have any perforation or middle ear effusion. I was given a hearing test the same day and it seemed that I have a mild case of SNHL in both ears that I was not aware of before. Since then I visited another ENT and re-did the the hearing test, the results were very similar with exception to a higher frequency loss in my left ear. I think the results may have been skewed due to anxiety I had during the test because of my ADHD medication. I heard my heart pounding and it was hard to differentiate the sounds. Both doctors think its a congenital case of SNHL, and that I should see a Neuro-Otologist. I have made the appt and plan on re-doing the test without taking my ADHD meds so that I can relax and get a more accurate result. Either way the pattern of the hearing loss is very similar on both tests. Funny thing is I'm 27 yrs old , and I have never had this hearling loss affect me. In fact, I will be going to medical school this upcoming fall. I was hoping you could give me some insight into what possible options the otologist will have for me. Also my left ear drum vibrates when i talk and hear loud pitched sounds since the trauma. While there is no sign of effusion or TM peroration/damage, what could be the cause for the muffled and reduced sound in my left ear? How long will it take for my hearing to be restored ? Can this muffled sound be permanent and the vibrations i feel when i talk to listen to loud music?
Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to eartrauma's response:
I suspect that slap on the ear caused more damage than was apparent on your examination. Inflammation can be difficult to spot. Blunt trauma can cause a ruptured eardrum, and some are difficult to see if they are along the margin. Even if your eardrum is intact, you can still have inflammation. If someone hits you real hard in the arm, it becomes sore, but if you are medically examined, it will look normal. Some blunt trauma can cause subtle or even severe changes in your middle ear structures which would also not be readily apparent by just looking. I am not sure what opinions your otologist will have......that is a question that can only be answered after your visit.

Your muffled hearing is typical of inflammation and most of these things resolve in time without an medical intervention. There is really no way for me to know if this will be permanent, or how long the healing process may take. I would suggest that you not listing to loud music, at least until you are well. Noise-induced hearing issues are not something you want to add to your list. If you have been listening to loud music, especially with earbuds or headphones, this is a practice you need to give up.

Your hearing loss is probably incidental and may have been congential or occured later in your life; mostly likely gradual. Who knows, it may even be noise-induced damage that has occured over years. Again, I don't know your history.

I am sorry, but without the ability to delve into your case and examine you first hand, making these blind assumptions over the Internet is not something that any medical provider can easily do. Since you are going into the health professions, this will be a situation that you will find quite offen.
ferret1218 responded:
me to and it is very annoying but i am still very young and scared of what to do i am affraid to tell my parents please someone help me?
Adam2 replied to Rod_Moser_PA_PhD's response:
Hi I had a bad chest infection and head cold for about a month and a half. 4 weeks ago I was on a plane with my head cold and chest infection and mainly my left ear became blocked which would usually go away after half a day when I fly but 4 weeks later and both ears are blocked and I still have a fairly blocked nose. I have been on two lots of anti bionics since I first got the check infection. I also have a vibrating in my right ear as of past week mainly at night. I can't pop my ears and it doesn't feel like they need to be popped but when people try to talk to me they sound muffled unless really close to me. I have been to a doctor numerous times since ear was blocked and he said they appear swollen inside and gave me two different types of eardrops after the first ones didn't work. Neither worked. He said there is no wax in my ears and can't see any fluid so he has referred me to a ENT but my booking is November so still 3 months away and others are also booked out. Just wondering what my condition sounds like to anyone and what I could do in the meantime it's getting really annoying and hard to work properly.