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hard lump behind right ear
Livesimply37 posted:
My husband discovered tonight a hard lump directly behind his right ear (around the area of the bone that is located there). The lump is about the size of a quarter. It does not hurt to touch and it does not move beneath the skin. He was diagnosed with pneumonia about a month ago. He's had two rounds of antibiotics and his cough and health seem to be improving. Could this lump be related to the pneumonia and bronchitis?
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
....not very likely. Systemic infections can cause lymph node reations (assuming this is the identification of the lump), but not usually behind the ear.

He really needs to have this lump properly examined. If it is a postauricular (means "behind the ear") lymph node, then usually, these enlarge due to ear problems, scalp issues, or infections/inflammation in the local area. Hard lumps that don't move are a bit more concerning than lumps that are tender and DO move. This lump could be part of his mastoid bone? A cyst, such as a sebaceous cyst? Or, ?
Livesimply37 responded:
Thank you for your response, Dr. Moser. My husband made an appointment with his doctor for next week. He spoke with his doctor's nurse over the phone and she seemed to think it was in fact a swollen lymph node caused by the infection he's had for about a month now. She said the doctor would look at the lump but not order a biopsy unless she thought it was especially alarming. I'm not so convinced it is a lymph node because of your feedback re: the fact that the lump is hard, does not move, and seems to be directly on top of his mastoid bone. Thoughts?
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
It still may be a lymph node, but your doctor will need to determine WHY it is enlarged and hard....
Pretty0724 responded:
I found the same exact thing behind my right ear just last week yet I have NOT had a cold or any kind of sickness. It is hard, doesnt hurt and doesnt move at all. It is very ODD shapen and right on top of the bone there behind my ear. I am concerned that it is so close to my neck and the obvious lymph node area. The one thing that concerns me is that I am a smoker. I have an appointment next week...I am scared.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to Pretty0724's response:
As a smoker, you should be scared enough to stop. I am glad that you are seeing your medical provider. This is the first step to determine if a node is innocent or suspicious. If your doctor is concerned, after his examination, he will most likely order some imaging studies or a referral to an ENT for a higher-level evaluation.
bennettfamily06 replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
I'm at a loss and feel like the dr's. feel this is all in my head. Few weeks ago I started having some issues; started with chest pressure upper center of chest, then turned into stabbing deep pain in back between shoulder blades in which woke me out of sleep two night in row...then few days later those symtoms still occurring off and on it began that I could not swallow food but didn't have any issues swallowing liquid. Everytime swallowed solid food felt like getting stuck as going down in upper chest area - felt like pill or when swallow icecube getting stuck in chest with each bite. The back pain between got more severe and with swallowing issues went to ER. They ran complete CBC count of which came back good; Chest xray good; barium swallow showed spasms; Was sent home no answers; follow up with GP referred me to Gastro to get endoscopy; Gastro did not examine me and prescribed me some pills for acid reflux said he didn't feel I needed an endoscopy; 2 days later lymph node on left side neck swelled really big only lasted 24hrs was soft tender and sore; now two week later woke up with quarter size hard non moveable lump behind my right ear not tender. I have at 4500.00 deductible and just the ER visit and 2 pointless dr. visits have me up to 4000.00 owed. I cannot afford to keep going in to not have any answers. I'm growing very frustrated as I know my body and know that this just isn't normal or right. I'm tired all the time and back in constant pain. I'm female 5' 3" weigh 106lbs. have attempted to gain weight and can't I get full off very small amts. of food so only eat dinner because if I eat during day I'm not hungry for dinner and enjoy eating with my family. I'm 36yrs old and yes I have been a smoker of 18yrs, just enrolled in a smoking cessation prog. to see if that will help. My blood pressure is 106/72 which is about my norm. Any ideas of whether I should be pushing these Drs. for a dx or extra tests? I used to be anemic but ER Drs. stated I came back good on that on my blood test; but I do take B12 vitamins on daily basis or I get horrible headaches that last days. Now I only get the bad headaches once every couple months instead of several per month. Desperate for answers

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