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ear ringing and popping for 4 month
itsjustlenny posted:

for the past 4 months now, i've had ringing from my right ear, and popping/cracking sound everytime i swallow in both ears. the ringing isnt so bad, its the popping that really bothers me. in the past 2 weeks i've actually had what i think are panic attacks because of this. i feel like i need to pop them but they never do. i went this week to an ent. and told me for the ringing it seems like its nerve damage. but didnt really tell me anything about the popping. she said something about having sinus/allergies. but i have none of this. she recommended i take some allergy relief. and thats all she told me. she just said to go back to her in about 6 months and check up on the nerve damage.

anyways, i just want to know about stopping this popping everytime i swallow, i also told her sometimes i feel like when i breathe inwards through my nose that i feel like air is going in on my right ear. she just dismissed this info. its quite bothersome. any help would be appriciated. i think im going to go to another doctor.

Thank you
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
Call that are entitled to an explanation. Since I do not know the details of your case, I would have to guess....

Based on what you have shared, you may have Eustachian Tube Dysfunction (ETD).

There are two tiny ventilation and drainage tubes that run from our middle ear space (the area behind the eardrum) to the back of our throats (near the adenoids) called the eustachian tubes. The main purpose of these ventilation tubes is to make sure the middle ear space is filled with AIR at the same atmospheric pressure as the outside atmosphere. As tiny as these little tubes are, they tend to do a great job. However, they are prone to becoming ?dysfunctional?. Colds, allergies, environmental irritants, sinus infections, tonsillitis, cigarette smoke, airplane flights, driving in a mountainous area, etc. all can the eustachian tubes to malfunction. If the e-tubes are "open" you may feel like air is going in your ear. If the e-tubes are "closed" (the normal position), your ear may pop to help to try and equalize pressure.

Most cases of ETD will self-resolve in a week or so. Rarely will ETD will become chronic, but it does four months, you may be in this chronic category. In cases of chronic or severe ETD, surgical tubes are often tried. Although controversial, decongestants (like pseudoephedrine) can help, but not all people can medically use them. It is always best to check with your own medical provider first. Prescription nasal corticosteroid sprays have also be used, especially in people with allergies. I don't know if any of these medications would be appropriate in your case, so you would need to ask your doctor.

And, if the ENT is not responsive to your questions and needs, then yes, see a different one.
itsjustlenny responded:
thank you for your reply Dr. Moser. very kind of you. I will definitely seek a second opinion.

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