black spots on tonsils
pm2424 posted:
I noticed today that there are black spots in the crevices (crypts?) of my tonsils. It should be said that I am a smoker; although I almost did not put that since that would be the automatic response to my question.

Is it possible to have cancer of the tonsils that could be caused by smoking? Or is there some other explanation for these spots?
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
First, my friend, you have to understand that I cannot physically SEE these black spots....I have no way of examining you, delving into your medical history, or ordering any diagnostic tests to answer your question. Is it possible for someone to get cancer of the tonsils from smoking? Yes, of course. Are these black spots a sign of cancer? I can't blindly answer that....I am sorry.

I do not know your age....I do not know how much you smoke and for how many years? Too many missing pieces to really offer you the answer you need. You will need to see a medical provider or an ENT -- someone that can physically examine you -- so you can be properly diagnosed and treated. Yes, there can be other explanation for "black spots", but I would need much more information -- information that can only be obtained during a medical encounter.

As a smoker, you have expect "non-smoking" advice from medical providers. I would be remiss if I didn't harp on you about smoking cessation. I won't give you a lecture since you seem to be sensitive about this.