Nose cartlidge cracking!
silverdh posted:
So ever since I can remember my nose has cracked. This is not from dryness but I can literally scratch my nose and it makes a cracking sound. I'm constantly fidgeting with my nose because I feel discomfort on the inside and I somehow feel that with the cracking I'm able to align my nose until the discomfort is less noticeable. I've never broken my nose or had rhinoplasty but the cracking and constant feeling of my nose cartlidge being off center (why I keep cracking it from side to side) is driving me crazy. People constantly notice me fidgeting with my nose as well as the sound. What I would like to know is if there is a reason for why my nose cracks and is uncomfortable? And what I could possibly do to get rid of it? I'm already seriously considering rhinoplasty. Thank you.
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
Seriously consider seeing an ENT first, so you can have your nose properly examined. If you had this issue for as long as you can remember, there may not be an easy fix. Unfortunately, since I have no way of assessing your nose without a hands-on examination, I really have no way of knowing the reason for your "cracking" or if you need surgery to fix it. Sorry that I couldn't help.