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Retracted eardrum
RRTaylor1 posted:
Ten days ago I went to the Dr. with pain and pressure in my ear going down into my jaw bone. The Dr. I saw is not my regular physician, he was out of town. The one I did see said I was having sinus drainage from allergies and that had the lymph nodes inflamed. She gave me Naproxen 500mg (twice a day, ten days), Amoxicillin 875 mg (twice a day, ten days), and Allegra. I already take Singular year round. She said if I did not get better to go to my regular Dr. but to follow up with him in a few weeks anyway. It got better for a few days then started back. I could not see my regular Dr. until yesterday. I told him what all had gone on and what I had taken. He looked in my ears and said my eardrum is retracted in my ear. He gave me a prescription for Biaxin 500mg to take twice a day for ten days. I have just finished a ten day round of antibiotics, do I need more? I have looked at several articles for retracted eardrums on-line and none of them have said anything about taking antibiotics unless there is an ear infection. What do you think?
chickidebottom responded:
If your lymph node are inflamed that generally means there's an infection, doesn't it?
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
A retracted eardrum is just caused by "negative" middle ear pressure -- the eardrum is sucked inward. This often is caused by a dysfunctional eustachian tube, and sinusitis can certainly be contributory. I don't know why he used another course of antibiotics unless he suspected your sinusitis was not fully cleared, or saw evidence of infection in your eardrum. I would suggest that you take the antibiotic since your doctor -- the one who examined you -- felt that it was important.
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
No, an enlarged lymph node does not necessarily mean "infection". Lymph nodes can enlarge from inflammation, too. As an example, allergies cause inflammation.

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