Lump/nodule on jawline
blondie912 posted:
On my lower right jaw, close to where my jawline is, but still on my face, I have a small nodule/lump no bigger than 1 centimeter. I have had this nodule for at least 10 years. I am 25 now. I saw my family doctor at 15 who said he didn't think it was much to worry about. So I haven't really worried much about it. The past few days it has felt a little tender to the touch almost swollen but not really larger than usual. I went to my doctor yesterday where he felt it and said he thought it could just be a lymph node. I didn't know you got lymph node's on your face/jaw? He said he didn't think it was a cyst because it wasn't right on the skin but instead deeper in my jaw. I can move the nodule side to side and up and down. He seems to think that this isn't something I should worry about if I have had it for 10 years without any problems. He did recommend me for blood tests to check my blood count just to be safe I think... Well I got the results and my blood counts are all completely normal. My doctor said he would refer me to a head/neck surgeon if I am really worried about it but he didn't think it was a big deal at all. Do you think this could be cancerous? Maybe lymphoma? Am I just being paranoid? Is it worth seeing a head/neck surgeon to have it removed? I was have this scar on my face if it's nothing. But if it it's something I would probably be dying considering i've had it so long, right? Ahhhhhhhh I am getting so much anxiety about this. Please help!
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
If you had this non-changing lump for ten years, and not others....a lymphoma or cancer would not even make my consideration list, so relax.

Yes, there are lymph nodes in that vicinity, but without the ability to see and feel it myself, I would not know for sure. Sebaceous cysts, especially those that are calcified can be deeper than the skin surface. Did you have adolescent acne? There are other possibilities, too.

Depending on what it is, a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon may be appropriate if you want to get it removed; less chance of ending up with a scar if you can have an 'expert' do the work.

Even though you say you are not worried or concerned, you, why don't take your evaluation up a notch and see the head/neck surgeon for that consultation.