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Blocked ears and persistant cough
leahnev posted:
I'm having a big problem with my ears recently. I've always experienced blocked ears ever since I was a kid which resulted in me getting my ears vacuumed. In the last number of years the problem has flared up again and this year its gotten particularly bad. I'm experiencing blocked ears which last for days, I put in drops to soften wax and this helps but not much. When I go to the doctor they say there is either a bit of wax or none at all. Its getting really annoying as its preventing me from sleeping.

I'm wondering if this could be related to a cough I've had since I was a kid as well. It developed when I was about ten and its a constant clearing of the throat combined with a slightly more chesty cough. It drives everyone mad as its very loud and cutting. That too has gotten worse lately as I find my voice is going and I have to cough to clear it up.

Not sure if they are related but both are extremely annoying. Feel like a hypochondriac going to the doctor so as to be referred to an ENT for blocked ears and a cough!

Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
Why would you feel like a hypochondriac? It is very appropriate to see an ENT to determine why you have blocked ears. My guess -- an it is only a guess since I can't examine you -- would be that you have chronic ETD - eustachian tube dysfunction. When you add in the cough, which may or may not be associated, one would think "allergies". Allergies are listed among the most common causes of a chronic, irritating cough. Your ENT will also need to evaluate yous SINUSES, too. Post nasal drainage from chronic sinusitis can cause both a cough, and clogged eustachian tubes.

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