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Feel like something stuck in throat
lolagran2 posted:
I was eating popcorn last night and after eating it I noticed that it felt like there was a hull from the popcorn stuck in my throat. I kept drinking my soda thinking that it would go down but it wouldn't. I ate a piece of bread thinking that would move it down. It didn't. I began trying to stick my finger down my throat to see if I could dislodge whatever it was..I couldn't. It bothered me all night long. This morning I stuck my finger down my throat but it now feels like there's a bump there instead of a hull of popcorn. I'm now wondering if there was something there all along and the popcorn just irritated it and that's when I began noticing it.. Has this happened to anyone else?? Could it really be just a popcorn hull or something more serious? Does anyone have any clue to how I could dislodge it if it is a hull from a popcorn kernel?
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
One can have the sensation of having "something caught in the throat" when in reality, it has dislodged and you are not feeling the inflammatory response....OR, you actually still have something caught in your throat. Those popcorn hulls can be problematic, depending on where they decide to lodge. Other than eating and drinking, this is just about all you can do at home...there are no magic solutions. Unfortunately, if the symptoms persist, you will need to see a good ENT so your throat can be properly examined. There is absolutely no way for me, or any medical provider, to determine if you have something more serious based solely on your brief posting....I don't know anything about you, your medical history, habits, or more importantly, have any way of examining you over the Internet.

Some people do have tonsilliths -- accumulations of debris -- in the holes or crypts of their tonsils. These can cause sensations, and if you do have cryptic tonsils, this would be a great place for popcorn to lodge.

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