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Chest congestion=Sinus infection
PikaPres posted:
Dear Dr. Moser,

I've been coughing up a large amount of thick green phlegm for about 4 days. I also have a very sore throat, which was the first symptom I had. My eyes have been burning, but I don't have a fever.All the phlegm is coming from my chest, not from my sinuses. Overall, I just feel miserable.

I visited a doctor today who said I have a sinus infection. I questioned the doctor about that, saying that the phlegm is coming from my chest, not my sinuses. He said the phlegm is dripping from my sinuses into my chest. Also, he said my throat is sore from coughing the phlegm up, but the sore throat was the first symptom I had. My glands also seem to be swollen.

I've had sinus problems before, but never where the phlegm came exclusively from my chest. Could a sinus infection cause most, if not all of the phlegm to come from the chest? I'm the sure the doctor is well-meaning, but my sense is that the problem is in my chest, not in my sinuses. He prescribed Amoxicillin for the infection.

Sincerely......Dan Frost
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
You could have both...there is mucous producing tissue in the sinuses and the lungs. Your doctor's explanation is a valid one, perhaps based on the fact that your lungs were clear at the time of other words, you did not have bronchitis or pneumonia. Phlegm from the sinuses is can silently slip down throat and clog havoc on the bronchials and lungs, irritating the throat on this trip South. The fact that you are coughing up mucous is good. You are really clearing your airway and perhaps preventing accumulation in your lungs.

What does of amoxicillin are you taking? If the dose is appropriate, it may treat both a sinusitis or a lung infection, assuming of course, the "bug" is cooperative and bacterial. And, how long have you been on this medications now?

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