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ear drum twitch--HELP!!
becsevie posted:
All day today off and on my ear drum (or what i am assuming--i hear it as tapping) has been twitching. it only lasts for maybe a few seconds at a time, but it's really annoying. When it happens I also feel a tiny bit of pressure too. Its not at all painful, just a very odd sensation. I haven't been sick--the last time was about a month ago, I had a head cold, so I don't believe it could be a ear infection, but I am stumped. I am curious as to what it might be??? Should I worry?? And how do I make it stop??? Thanks so much.
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
This may not be a simple problem - one that can be easily diagnosed by symptoms alone, and certainly not one that can be diagnosed over the Internet, since there can be many, different causes...and each cause would have a different treatment.

Those three tiny ear bones in your middle ear (the area on the other side of your eardrum) have muscles (the stapedial and tensor tympani muscle) that are attached to them. Like any muscle, they can go into spasm and rapidly twitch (myoclonus). Then this happens in the ear, it will cause the eardrum to vibrate like a drum, resulting in a clicking or even a machine-like sound. The muscles in the throat and palate (the tensor veli palatini muscle) can also be contributory. Even simple cases of Eustachian Tube Dsyfunction can cause random tapping.
trrigrl replied to Rod_Moser_PA_PhD's response:
have the same ticking behind my ear drum since traveling to germany from the US, for the past 5 days. its continuous and driving me batty affecting my sleep. there is no pain, simply continuous and very annoying. is there nything i can do to make it go away?!

Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to trrigrl's response:
A cause needs to be determined first. Since treatment is dependent on a diagnosis, you may need to see a medical provider -- perhaps an ENT in Germany -- so you can be properly examined. Five days of a continuous, annoying ticking deserves some medical intervention. I am unable to blindly diagnosis or treat you over the Internet.

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