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My ears close up at night
Tomboi_Fuzzy posted:
I've had a on going problem with my ears. At night before I go to bed my ears close up. It makes it difficult to hear out of my ears especially my right ear. When I wake up in the morning it takes a few hours for my ears to pop and I can hear clearly. I clean my ears regularly and I've had done ear wax cleaning and nothing helps. I wen to the doctor once and he gave me some stuff you put up your nose cause he thought it was a build up of fluid but that didn't help at all. I have learned to cope with this and it's not painful but I am just curious why my ears do this every night.
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
I am curious, too.....Unfortunately, I have no way of examining you to help determine a reason. If your primary care doctor was not able to solve this issue, then perhaps it is time to see a good ENT.

It may be a care of eustachian tube dsyfunction - perhaps with fluid in your middle ear, but even a wax impaction (especially packed against your eardrum) can do this. Q-tip users often do just that. There is really no medical need to "clean your ears"...wax is a protective substance and should not be removed. It is not dirt. You can wash off with a wash cloth what you can see, but keep those things out of your ear canal.

Do you sleep on your side? Is this the downward ear -- the one that lies against the pillow?
Tomboi_Fuzzy responded:
I sleep every which way. My ears start to close whenever I lay my head down. Doesn't really matter if I'm going to sleep just when my head is laying down. If I pull on my ear downward it makes it easier to hear. For a while now I have felt like while I can hear I am not hearing as clearly as I should. I will set up an appointment but was just needing some medical lingo to relay to the doctor to get them on the right path.
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
Just explain to the doctor or ENT what you are really don't need any medical lingo.
Please1HELP replied to Tomboi_Fuzzy's response:
Hey Tomboi_Fuzzy, I have the same right ear problem problem as you, Did you find any solution or explanation? thank you.

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