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bad smell from nose
Besta2 posted:
Hi Dr.,

There's a bad smell coming out from my nose when I breathe. There were times when I could smell it but more often, I knew about the smell from the reactions of people around me. Sometimes I would blow my nose to get rid of the clogging, and I noticed that there's a bad smell coming from the droplets of moisture from my nose.

Several days ago, I started having cold symptoms like sore throat and clogged/runny nose. I took Mucosolvan tablets to expel the phlegm and ease the clogging in my nose. I was able to get rid of phlegm. Sometimes the mucus was clear and at other times, it was yellow/greenish. Yesterday morning, I blew my nose several times to get rid of the mucus. On the third blow, I looked at the tissue and saw a streak of fresh blood in the mucus. It came from my left nostril. I blew my nose again but there was no more blood. This morning, I blew my nose again and there was blood in the mucus - this time it's from my right nostril. After some time, I notice a bad smell coming from my nose. then in the afternoon, there was a watery fluid coming from my right nostril - at first it was pinkish then it became greenish and it has that smell again. It flowed for several minutes then stopped.

What could my problem be? Please help.
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
Bad smell in the nose...darker mucous....blood-tinged mucous....these are all signs of infection, either in the nasal airway or paranasal sinuses.

You would need to see your medical provider so that you can be properly examined, diagnosed, and treated.
Nakeshqa responded:
What did you find about curing the situation?
Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to Nakeshqa's response:
Every person is different. If you would like to address your problem, please post a new discussion and I will respond.

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