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Lingering Ear Fluid
HappyBeing posted:
HI Dr Moser

I am 38 and have my first lingering ear infection. It has been a week since the 10 day run of Septra. Before that It was a 3 day ear infection, pretty bad and before that a sinus and chest bug for 10 days!..So the pills worked pain went away, but the fluid lingers...

Now I am getting acupuncture, doing steams, taking herbs and vitamins and probiotics with healthy food...and lots of rest but Im tired of this!!

The ear is no longer painful , just rings and has some fluid , every day, not much progress...So its been a week since finishing antibiotics..It just seems like the healing is soooo slow! My hearing is mostly back though

???How long to wait before going to ENT Dr..I live an hr away w no insurance so its a big deal.. Is it common for the draining to take a while in Adults w no history of chronic problems?

Is it safe to exercise/do yoga?

Thanks so much for the support


How long is safe enough to wait before going to ENT specialist?
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
Not that I would want you to wait this long, but fluid (effusion) that lingers in the middle ear for more than three MONTHS can be problematic. Of course, that recommendation is for children who have frequent ear infections. In an adult, I would recommend that you see an ENT after 4-6 weeks. Statistically, you will be fine long before has only been a week since you finished the antibiotics. This is much too soon to think you will have a chronic problem.

You are improving, so basically you are heading in the right direction. Healing is a very individual process and there is really little that can be done to speed up this natural process. All of the acupuncture, herbs, and vitamins are not going to expedite this process.

It is certainly fine to do yoga or exercise
HappyBeing responded:
Thanks Dr Moser! Im not so worried, just frustrated and feel stuck! ok kinda worried..

Just to clarify..4-6 weeks since onset of infection? Tomorrow it will be 3 weeks..SO time to visit doc 4-6 since antibiotics or 4-6 weeks from onset of ear infection?

The wholistic choices do NOT affect healing time? Thats a shocker. Should I still sleep on lots of pillows or are there any other suggestions? Thanks so much..Seems though like I m normal, statistically anyway

Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
Holistic practitioners (which I am not) may disagree with that statement, but I tend to go with scientific, evidence-based medicine. Sadly, very few of those alternative approaches, Eastern medicine, have been scientifically proven to work. However, if you feel it.

As far as when to see the ENT...that would be 4-6 weeks after treatment.
HappyBeing responded:
Thanks for your time:) I hope you get paid to do this...

Be well LN
EarRing responded:
Hi happy.

Is the ringing in your ear stil there?

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