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Ear bubble and ear ache
Daedalusion posted:

We go out to water ski on a lake sometimes and pretty much fall and hit the water hard at the end of every run, it's someting you get used to, yesterday however I fell and hit the water with my right ear first, it was sore at first an completely blocked (like you have when in water sometimes) I assumed it would clear up on it's own but none of the normal remedies worked like yawning or closing the lid of the and biting on jaw etc. Some water came out periodocally and everytime I thought ok it's cleared now but a minute later I would feel that the bubble is definitely still there.

Then some bad ear ache started happening and I had to take pain medication to cope. (about 2-3 hours after it happened) This morning I went to the local pharmacy and asked for possible remedy. They gave me Cerumol, when I administered it i got a burning sensation on my upper palate in my mouth below where my ear is situated. And then an incredible pain that lasted for close to an hour like a really amplified ear ache, it was incredibly sore. It also did not get rid of the bubble. I am not to keen to go through that again. And my hearing is affected due to the bubble. Sometimes it's like the pressure changes and I can either hear better or worse until it changes again. I am an software engineer and we have huge projects that I am running with right now so unless I am on my deathbed I cannot afford to visit a doctor right now.

Friends have suggested heating up some olive oil, then letting it cool a little and pouring into the ear, would this be advisable and even if it did not work and it is an infection of sorts, would the olive oil inflame or worsen the condition?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, on other posts I read where people suspect ear infections they usually refer to one being able to see the bubble, my girlfriend took an in depth look and was unable to see anything out of the ordinary. Also would an ear infection occur due to something like this? As the hard fall on the water clearly caused it.

Please reply as soon as possible, my work is priority here but losing my hearing is obviously more important, I prefer Stereo to Mono .....
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
Obviously, I have no way to be sure, since I can't examine your ears, but blunt trauma (like hitting the water) can cause a ruptured eardrum, or at least, a damaged and inflammed eardrum. I suspect this is your issue, but you would need to see a medical provider or ENT to be sure. Since you are concerned about your hearing, I would advise to to make the time out of your busy schedule to do the proper thing

You cannot look inside your ear. The pharmacist cannot look inside your ear. Your girlfriend, unless she has an otoscope and the training, cannot examine your ear. As a software engineer, you know the importance of doing something EXACTLY, not just guessing at it. You also know it is important to ask for advise from someone who has the knowledge and training. Taking suggestions from your non-medical friends about applying heat or putting olive oil in your ear, would be like calling Microsoft for advice and getting the janitoral staff to address my software issue.

If you broke your leg, you would make the time and hop to the doctor. If you cut your face badly and needed stitches, you would do it. Work is important, but it always takes second place to your health.

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