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Inhaled a piece of rice
Zermal posted:
Seriously, I inhaled a piece of rice during dinner last night. At the time, it felt like it was between my throat and my nose, I couldn't dislodge it. This morning, my throat is extremely sore, my sinus (on the left side where it's lodged) is very painful and when I blow my nose (the left side) is excreting yellow mucus. I don't have health insurance, is there anything I can do on my own?
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
You inhaled a piece of rice from your nose???? Or, was it in your mouth and "refluxed" to your nasal area?

Food trapped in the nasopharyngeal area will eventually rot (disgusting, yes) and perhaps, disintegrate. You can try to blow it out, or perhaps it has already gone...swallowed. If it is still in your nasal passageway, this can account for your sore nose, drainage, etc., however, the inflammation caused by the rice could be just giving you the feeling that it is still there. I would need to peer inside your nose, my friend, to give you a moe definitive answer.

When I find these things in the clinic, I pull them out. This is not something you can do at home, obviously. The rice is not likely to cause you serious harm, unless you aspirate it into your lungs, of course. You can use saline nasal spray or "sinus rinses" to see if you can blow it out (assuming it is still in your nose). This may or may not work.

If things do not improve, you will need to bite the financial bullet and see a good ENT specialist -- someone that has the skill and equipment to deal with these unexpected life challenges.
Zermal responded:
It was in my mouth, I was either talking with my mouth full (my mother taught me better!) or just "sniffing" while chewing...I don't remember. Thanks for you response. I'll just wait to see if this corrects itself...? It's annoying (it feels as if there is something I need to blow, cough or otherwise extract from the top/back of my throat) but I can tolerate it if it's not going to cause something else serious (like sinusitis).
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
You may get a lot of inflammatory response until this rice extracts itself or melts. Sinusitis usually isn't an issue, but of course, if you are starting to have signs of sinusitis (pressure, pain, persistent green-yellow discharge, headaches, fever) then please get it checked out.

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